ViewRanger Privacy Policy

Effective 1st April 2020

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ViewRanger takes your privacy seriously and we handle your information with care.

This Privacy Policy applies to the ViewRanger Service, which consists of the ViewRanger mobile applications and the various websites, together with other interactions with ViewRanger including support queries.

If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, do not access or use the ViewRanger Service.

Information That ViewRanger Collects and Receives

ViewRanger may collect personal information as you use the Service. You are under no contractual obligation to provide any information. However, some information is collected automatically, and if some information is not provided we may not be able to provide the Service.


When you register with ViewRanger we collect your email address, and/or a Facebook or Google numeric account identifier. We collect this to uniquely identify you within the ViewRanger service, enabling you to sign in and use multiple devices, to view and manage the content you have downloaded and created.

We collect the country and language reported by your mobile device or web browser, so that we can communicate with you and show appropriate content.

You may choose to personalise your account by entering your name, providing a photo, entering descriptive text, gender, birthdate, town, and providing information on your interests. If you register with ViewRanger using a third party account service such as Facebook or Google, and you authorise those services to provide it, we may also collect your name, photo, gender and town.


ViewRanger identifies your mobile device using an identifier unique to ViewRanger, which is destroyed if you uninstall the application.

ViewRanger also collects the name, model and operating system of your device. This is to enable you to identify the device in your account, to assist us when communicating with you, and to link with the correct app store services.


You may choose to create content within ViewRanger. This includes recording a track (a recorded journey, a history of positions and times); plotting a route (a planned journey); plotting a point of interest; adding a photograph.

You control whether tracks are public or private, so visible to others or not.

You can choose to publish a route, in which case it becomes public, and other people can view or download a copy. The route may be embedded in third party websites via the use of 'widgets', or be available to use on carefully selected third-party services.

If you record a track while following a route, a record of the link between the track and route is kept, to support the route rating and review system.

If you use the Buddy Beacon feature, your live locations are received and stored in ViewRanger, and can be seen by those with whom you choose to share your account identifier and Buddy Beacon PIN code.

You can choose to add photographs to routes and tracks.

Purchases and content use

Purchases of routes, maps and credit within the application are handled by your device's app store, and ViewRanger collects no personal details from those app stores.

If you buy maps or credit from our shop website, we collect your name, email address, address and other information you may enter.

For all purchases ViewRanger stores the order number, product identifier, time of purchase and price, so that we can fulfill the order, display an account history, and provide a subscription service or content re-download.

If you download maps or routes within ViewRanger, including selecting a custom map area, the details are recorded to provide an account history and enable content re-download.

Use of online maps is recorded to enable us to monitor and report aggregated and anonymised service usage.

We do not directly handle payment card details. Payments are handled by the device's app store, or by our card payment service providers (Worldpay and Stripe).

If you purchase through the My.ViewRanger web site, payment details are handled by the Stripe payment service. In order to provide recurring subscriptions, or if you switch on the Remember me option at the checkout, Stripe will store your card details, and you can manage those details at

Payment details for purchases within the app are handled by the Play Store, App Store or Amazon App Store, and can be accessed through the account section of those Store apps. Those payment details are never accessible to ViewRanger.


Content you create - routes, tracks, points of interest, map selections - contains location data and can contain time data.

If you add photos to tracks, the photo may contain an embedded location, which is used to show the location of the photo on a map.


If you send the Buddy Beacon, the locations and times you send are recorded to provide the beacon service.

When you use the website, to display content relevant to your location, we ask your browser for a location, or lookup the approximate location of your Internet Protocol (IP) address using a service private to ViewRanger.

When you browse for routes in the application or website, we receive the location of the map centre to allow us to show content relevant to that location. That location may be recorded to assist in personalising your service.

If you search for a location using the what3words option, your location will be sent to what3words to enable them to show the 3 words for your current location, and to suggest the most appropriate 3 words for your current location as you type. This location and the search is not personally identifiable to you.

Your device asks for your consent before ViewRanger first uses location, and you can withdraw that consent at any time via the device's Settings app.

Log data

As with most Internet-delivered services our servers automatically collect information when you access the ViewRanger Service, and record it in log files. The log data may include the Internet Protocol (IP) address; the addresses of both the page visited and the previous page; detail of the service used; browser or device type and settings; date and time the services were used; information about the browser or device configuration; language; and cookie data. This log information is retained for up to 8 weeks, after which it is destroyed.

If the application encounters an error where it closes unexpectedly (a crash), we may record a crash log - you can opt out of this in the ViewRanger application's Privacy Settings.

Service Access

We record the dates on which you access the service, and the method and time of last access. This is anonymously aggregated for us to monitor and report on the usage of the service. Individual records of last access may be used when answering support queries, and may also be used to determine when to communicate with you.


You can choose to follow another user, in which case you see the content they choose to share in your personalised activity feed, and that you follow them is visible to them and others. Another user may follow you and thus see the content you share in their own feed.

You can rate and review routes that you have followed. When you leave a review, other users can read that and see that it was you who posted it. Where the route is shared to another service, the review may be visible on that service too.

If you make your buddy beacon public; upload tracks with a public status; follow another user; or download routes; that may show in the activity feeds.

You can share links to your account profile page, routes and tracks.


We record analytics both within ViewRanger and using third party services, such as Google and Facebook Analytics, to enable us to understand how ViewRanger is used, identify the origin of an app installation, and to improve the Service. Depending on your device or browser privacy settings, those analytics may collect your advertising identifier. The analytics may also record technical data about your device or browser. The analytics private to ViewRanger may be used to trigger help and advice communications.

We may share anonymised network signal data with a partner, for the purpose of cell network improvement.

You can tell the application not to send these analytics using the application's menu, Settings, Privacy; or on older versions of the application under menu, Help and Feedback, Product Improvement.

To help us improve ViewRanger, the application may ask for your permission to record how you use the application. If you agree, ViewRanger will occasionally record your use of the application. You can stop this at any time by switching off the Product Improvement setting.

Cookie Data

ViewRanger uses cookies in our websites to give you a consistent experience as you use the website, and to identify you while signed in to your account. Additionally cookies assist in providing analytics to understand how the service is used in order to make improvements.

Third Party Services

You may choose to link ViewRanger with other accounts, such as Google, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, and Walking World, because you wish to benefit from the services they provide.

If you link your ViewRanger account with a third party service, the data you enter to link the service, such as an account name, will be used to access content or services from that third party service.

Where the link provides media such as photos and tweets, those will be marked and visible on your public tracks, and possibly on the buddy beacon page.

Your use of those third party services is is covered by the privacy policies of those services.

Apple Health

You can choose to share your activity with Apple Health. Settings to control this are in the Health app.

To display your heart rate against fitness training zones in graphs, ViewRanger needs access to Date of Birth and Sex to make the training zone calculation.

ViewRanger uses your Sex to draw a gender-specific avatar showing route progress and completion in the Watch app.

ViewRanger uses your Heart Rate and Step Data to record your heart rate and step count in tracks, and to display the current heart rate and step count during the recording.

Operating System

The ViewRanger applications use a range of services built into the device, and those services may have access to personal data, covered by the device's own Privacy Policy.

Paid Routes

If you publish a route and set a fee for it, we may contact you and request your payment details, so we can pay you a share of the route's earnings.

Contact Information

If you contact ViewRanger with a query, the contact information you provide will be recorded within the ViewRanger Helpdesk.

How We Use Information

We use your personal information to provide the ViewRanger Service to you.

We store your content, so you can access it across your devices and via the website, and so you can choose to share it.

We allow you to make some content public and to share it.

If you join a Challenge, we analyse your tracks to determine your progress in the Challenge.

If you visit the track statistics section of the website, we analyse your tracks to report to you on your activity.

We analyse your tracks, route downloads, activities, and search locations to recommend routes. You can opt out of this in the Privacy settings.

In the activity feed sections of the Service, we show activity from other users based on who you have chosen to follow.

We record purchases and usage data, to report to content providers in aggregate with personal data removed.

We use your country to offer you appropriate content, such as maps.

We may also use personal information as required by applicable law, legal process or regulation; or to answer your queries; or to investigate and help prevent security issues and abuse.

How Information is Shared

Publicly Available Information

When you register with ViewRanger, your personalised profile page will be discoverable within searches.

You control whether tracks are public or private. Public tracks may then be seen by others, and may be embedded in third party websites via the use of 'widgets'. You can control track privacy in the application using the track details page, shown when you stop recording, or via the website.

You can choose to publish routes. They may then be seen and downloaded by others, and may be embedded in third party websites via the use of 'widgets', or be available to use on carefully selected third-party services.

If you enter a challenge, your accumulated activity within the challenge will be public. But the detail of individual tracks remains hidden for tracks set to be private.

The Buddy Beacon is protected with the PIN that you choose, but you can choose to make your Buddy Beacon public.

If routes that you publish, or tracks that you share, link to photos, those photos will also be publicly visible.

Service Providers

We may share your information with third parties who provide services to ViewRanger. These service providers will only have access to the information necessary to provide limited functions on our behalf. They are required to keep your information secure.

When you access some maps and services, the service provider will know the IP address, and other browser details or that these maps are being accessed from ViewRanger, but nothing to match those with you personally.

Aggregated and Anonymised Information

We may aggregate and anonymise your data, to provide statistical data such as route and path usage. We may sell, license or share this information.

Other Circumstances

There may be circumstances where we are required by law to disclose personal information.

We may disclose personal information if you give us your explicit consent.

If we receive a report of content that may breach copyright, we will respect your privacy and will not pass personal data without prior permission.

Communications And Privacy Settings

As well as messages shown within the ViewRanger application and websites, we may communicate with you by email or notification.

We only send you marketing communications promoting paid-for maps and routes, or relevant partners' products, if you have opted in to receive those messages.

As part of the ViewRanger Service we send a range of communications, such as help and advice, reminders, and news of new free content. You can opt out of these communications.

You can control all ViewRanger email and notifications in the ViewRanger application at menu tab, Settings, Notifications; or at; or using the unsubscribe link at the foot of every email.

Other privacy settings are available in the ViewRanger application at menu tab, Settings, Privacy (and in older applications via menu tab, Help and feedback, Product Improvement), and on the website at

The ViewRanger Service may display advertisements. Depending on your device or browser privacy settings, advertising tracking data may be shared with the advertising service. The advertising component of ViewRanger will seek your consent before first using personal and tracking data.

Legal Basis and Our Legitimate Interests

We will only collect and process your personal data where we have lawful bases.

Lawful bases include contract (for example to provide the ViewRanger Service to you), consent (for example, where you joined a Challenge), and legitimate interests (including in operating and improving the ViewRanger Service and business, and in keeping the ViewRanger Services safe and secure).

Where we rely on your consent to process personal data, you have the right to withdraw or decline your consent at any time. Where we rely on legitimate interests, you have the right to object.

If you have any questions about the lawful bases on which we collect and use your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer, contact details below.

Data Retention

Your content and personal data are retained while your account remains open. In many cases you can choose to remove individual items of content or data.

Log and analytics data will be removed after various time periods, for example logs are removed within 8 weeks.

Your Rights

Deletion and Right to be Forgotten

You can ask us to delete your account and all your personal data using the 'Request Account Deletion' option on the My profile page of the My.ViewRanger website or by contacting The request will be actioned within 30 days. Certain information, such as logs, will be removed after 8 weeks.

Some data will become anonymous or de-identified once the account is removed. That data may be kept and used in aggregate to report on the service and business performance. For example, anonymised purchase and usage records must be retained for reporting purposes.

Search engines and similar services may retain a cache of any content that you made public for much longer, and these are outside our control.

If you publish a route then after your account is deleted that route remains available to people who had already downloaded it, but the route is no longer available for new downloads.

Right to Access and Port Data

Routes and tracks that you create can be exported to the widely-used GPX file format using the ViewRanger application or website.

Points of interest can be exported using the ViewRanger application.

Photographs can be managed via the My.ViewRanger web site's My photos page.

Most of your personal data is immediately available to view in your account on the My.ViewRanger web site. You can inspect any additional data held using the 'Request personal data' option on the My profile page of the My.ViewRanger website.

Right to Change or Correct Data

Most of your personal data can be changed, corrected and deleted in your account on the My.ViewRanger web site.

For other data you can ask us to correct your data if it is incorrect, or to delete it if it is no longer needed to provide the Service to you.

Right to Object, Limit or Restrict Use of Data

You can ask us to stop using some or all of your personal data, for example if we have no legal right to keep using it, or it is inaccurate, or unlawfully held.

The Privacy and Notification Settings within the ViewRanger application and website allow you to control the use of your personal data, including to stop its use for direct marketing.


If you have a complaint, please contact our support team, or our Data Protection Officer, details below.

However, if you are still dissatisfied, you may contact the Data Protection Authority at the contact details below.

Data Transfer to Third Countries

The personal data we collect is stored and processed within the European Economic Area (EEA), but may may occasionally be processed outside the EEA. We take all reasonable steps to ensure there is an adequate level of protection to your data, that only minimal information is processed outside the EEA, that your data is secure and handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and with the same level of protection as is required by the Privacy Shield Principles.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

ViewRanger may update this policy from time to time. Regulations and standards change over time, or we may make improvements to the Service or changes to our business, which necessitate change. We will post changes to this page. If we make changes that materially alter your rights, we will provide an additional prominent notice.

If you disagree with changes to this privacy policy, contact ViewRanger support to have your account and data deleted.

Revision History

1st April 2020: Added information about the use of published routes and reviews.

3rd July 2019: Added information about the use of photos; what3words; and the Stripe payment system.

5th March 2019: Added detail of how data from Apple Health is used.

9th July 2018: Added an additional type of analytics recording, where consent to collect is explicitly requested.

25th May 2018: GPDR compliant version of this policy.

Data Protection Officer

Contact the ViewRanger Data Protection Officer via

Identifying the Data Controller and Processor

The Data Controller and Processor is Augmentra Ltd, trading as ViewRanger, based in the UK.

Data Protection Authority

The data protection authority is the UK Information Commissioner's Office,

Contacting ViewRanger

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or ViewRanger's practices, or if you wish to exercise any of your statutory rights, please contact us at or at:
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