Originally designed for walking by the founders of the company (Mike & Craig), ViewRanger provides all the functionality that you need for almost any type of walking from a city tour to a long distance trail.

With ViewRanger you can:

  • Always see your mapped location on screen (even without mobile coverage)
  • Record your track – the path you have travelled, including distance, speed etc
  • Share your real-time location with friends using BuddyBeacon
  • Plan a route or import a GPX file from third party software
  • Download a route from our route database
  • Navigate your route with alarms to alert you at waypoints and if you veer too far off course.

See full feature set

ViewRanger means that you can head out with the confidence of knowing your mapped location and course to follow.

With global web maps and the option to use detailed topographic premium mapping in many countries means you’ve always got the detail you need to cross the terrain safely.

As used by Mountain Rescue teams

ViewRanger is used and trusted by almost half of all search and rescue teams in England and Wales. find out more

vr navigate screen shot.pngvr buddy beacon screen shot.png