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Posted on 04/09/2018


ViewRanger partners with hundreds of publishers throughout the world who share their love for the outdoors. From big-name magazines to local experts, there is a route for everyone at every skill level in a wide variety of geographical locations. Check out our latest list of 10 publishers you should follow on ViewRanger.

1. Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker is a top outdoor magazine in the United States. It focuses on places to explore, gear to use, and how-to information to teach you skills about the outdoors. Their editor and regional contributors have shared thousands of routes on ViewRanger, most of them based around major metro areas and national parks in the USA.   

Top routes include White Mountain Superhike at a whooping 208 miles, Yellowstone National Park: Beaver Ponds Loop at 5.6 miles, and Wilmington, NC: Neusiok Trail, which is a challenging 21.8 miles. These routes are free to download. 


2. Doug Johnson

Doug, professionally known as Camino DJ, was a ViewRanger Top Publisher award winner in 2016.

Camino DJ has 1,185 published routes stretching more than 35,000 kilometers. Camino DJ’s route take explorers on many beautiful journeys through UK and Spain, including up-to-date routes for the Camino de Santiago (also known as Way of St James/Chemins de St Jacques).


3. Wander Magazine

Wander Magazine offers a variety of routes that range in length and difficulity from Sistig-Krekeler Heide in der Eifel, Krekel, Germany which is a 3.2 miles long route to Saar-Hunsrück-Steig, which starts at Boppard and ends near Schengen, Luxembourg, at an impressive 232.4 miles.


4. Macsadventure

Macsadventure has put together several unique hiking routes across the globe from Switzerland to Hungary, Ireland and Italy. 


5. Leo van der Wal

Any outdoor lover, camper and hiking guide can learn something from Leo Van Der Wal. He offers expert advice, counseling, guidance, as well as a supervised camping or hiking experiences for individuals, corporations and groups. Leo’s route guides are peppered in popular places across Europe.


6. Rother Wanderführer

Since 1920, Rother Wanderführer has published great walking guides in the Alps, across Europe and Middle East. You can take advantage of routes such as Tel Bet She'an in Israel, Im Wald von Paimpontin France, Von Thomsdorf über Carwitz zum Krüselinsee in Germany and Sentiero Airone 2 in Italy. 


7. Pro-M Tracciati

Pro-M Tracciati has published more than 400 cycling routes across Italy, Switzerland, France and Norway. Check out routes such as: (TN) Nago - Dosso dei Roveri, 18.8 miles, (CO) Cernobbio-4 monti e una ramina-Val di Muggio 33.3 miles, and (LC) Pian delle Betulle - Alpe Paglio e Val Marcia, which is moderate 7+ miles.


8. Scandinavian Trails

Discover your inner Viking on one of these 450+ Scandinavian adventures. Check out routes like The Hallandsleden trail - skhult - Stättared section, 13 km, Hallandsleden - etapp Ryet - Gyltige 16 km - södra delen, and The Hallandsleden trail - Sandsjön - Gyltige section, 30 km. 


9. Discovery Walking Guides

Ros & David Brawn, the hiking duo from Discovery make it a fun thing to discover exciting new trails. Join up with these two adventurers to explore the wild.

Discovery Walking Guides feature routes all over Spain. Discover Mallorca with the Canaleta de Massanella route, 8.16 miles, and the Archduke's Path - Mirador de ses Puntes, 2.9 miles. 


10. Peter Sinclair

Peter Sinclair loves the wild outdoors. He hikes, cycle tours, paddles by kayak and canoe, as well as dabbles in photography and wildlife observation. His routes include Higher Burwardsley 2, 5.9 miles, and Acton Bridge & Little Leigh, 7.39 miles. 

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