Go Fourth in Hiking Boots

Posted on 02/07/2018


The Fourth of July is almost here and if you haven’t made plans yet, we urge you to spend it outdoors. Here are three ways ViewRanger can help you make this summer holiday an unforgettable adventure:

1. Skyline: Bring your maps to life 

Maps are flat. The Earth isn't. Skyline uses the camera on your mobile device to instantly identify and label landscape features up to 20 miles away, transforming your traditional 2D map with augmented reality.

2. Discover a new adventure 

Before you fire up the grill or watch the fireworks, find a new hike or plan you own adventure. Among 180,000 routes created within the ViewRanger community, you are bound to find a perfect route. Explore the routes near you or simply chose the destination you want to explore within the app. You can also plot your routes on your desktop computer at my.viewranger.com.

3. Track your way 

Record a track of your adventure to see more than 20 different stats and navigation details as you hike, including mileage, elevation gain, average speed, compass direction, and more.  

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