New Automated Route Planning for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Posted on 29/02/2012

ViewRanger, the gps app and website that lets outdoor enthusiasts plan, navigate, and share their outdoor adventures, has today added automatic route generation to the trail planning tools available at its website.  The site uses a range of routing engines to analyse the terrain and available trails and roads, to intelligently offer the best path based on mode of transport – on-road and off-road. For hiking, ATV driving, mountain biking or horse riding, it can dramatically speed up trail planning. works in tandem with the ViewRanger mobile app and makes planning and sharing outdoor adventures easy to do on the big screen. The new "route generation” feature takes that one step further, by providing the option to use the assistance of advanced route planning tools to make it even quicker.

The service allows the user to specify how they are making the journey, so that the route can be optimised to use existing trails, where appropriate. By placing waypoints at the start location and end destination, the “route generation” tool will offer an automated route line. In the USA, ViewRanger have teamed up with Primordial, the leader in off-road navigation software.

The deal means that Outdoor enthusiasts can use their patented “Ground Guidance” software to make creating a personalised route quicker and easier. The technology was originally designed for and used in military scenarios. ViewRanger have recognised the benefit to Outdoor enthusiasts who wish to rapidly create their own routes. The Ground Guidance software will generate the fastest route between two points by foot, bike or car. To build a route it analyzes man-made and natural features of the terrain. In addition to routing in mountainous and woodland terrain, Ground Guidance supports urban routing.

"Ground Guidance" is a premium USA only option available for $4.00 per annum. There is a also a free worldwide service that uses other global route planning engines.

The automated route can then be manually amended as required and once saved, a single tap of the finger synchronises website and a user’s mobile device so that the planned route is ready to be followed using the ViewRanger app’s waypoint based navigation capabilities.

It’s free to create an account on and to build routes using the global tool on a range of global open source web maps. Users can upgrade the app and web service with full topo mapping for USA, as well as using the premium ground guidance routing.

Watch a short demo video of Ground Guidance in action

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