Creating a Dialogue Between Trail Guide Publisher and Outdoor Enthusiast

Posted on 14/09/2011

Creating a dialogue between trail guide publisher and consumer

Yesterday we added a brand new Activity Wall to the My.ViewRanger online community and route planning website.

This is a simple and quick way to see and follow feedback on route guides that you publish to the ViewRanger community, creating a dialogue between you as a trail guide publisher and consumers who download and use your guides - whether you are a professional publisher, tourism organization, or simply a "local expert".

It means that trail guide publishers can see feedback directly from consumers through viewing comments and ratings, they can see volume of guide downloads, and they can communicate to consumers to, for example, let them know that similar content has just been made available.

This creates an opportunity for content publishers to really get engaged with their community.  Content owners can:

  • Create and publish trail guides
  • Maintain that content (e.g. update trail guides for seasonality or to warn of temporarily closed sections of trail)
  • Have a dialogue with consumers who use that publishers content (i.e. that download it's trail guides) and with consumers who affiliate themselves with that publisher (i.e. consumers who "favourite" the author)
  • Promote their trail guides

online via our publisher badges
through websites and blogs with simple to use trail map widgets
embedding trail maps into a Facebook site
offline via ViewRanger content shortcodes.

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