Using Free maps

All of the features of ViewRanger work with Free maps - you can view your GPS location, record a track and review stats. BuddyBeacon works on free maps, as does route creation and route import or download. These maps are streamed from the web to your device and will therefore require a WiFi or mobile data connection (for charges check with your mobile operator). However, some of these maps can also be stored onto your phone to be viewed without a connection – “off-line” usage.

How to view maps in off-line mode

To use web maps in off-line mode* i.e. without a cell signal or WiFi connection, you’ll need to store the area you need in your phone's memory, before heading out. This can be easily done using the “create saved map” feature select the detail that you need “regional”, “detail” or “custom” and tap on the map tiles that you need. Give the saved map a name that you’ll remember and tap on the go button. Best done using wifi connection. To view your saved map when out of coverage simply, select it via the map menu.

* Apple & Android. Symbian users see FAQs

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