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How to switch map types

Easily switch between multiple map layers, wherever you are in the world.

How to save offline maps

Download and save offline maps to use without mobile or data signals.

How to use Skyline augmented reality

Label more than 9 million landscape features around the world and navigate hiking routes using augmented reality.

How to plot routes

Create your own outdoor routes with our in-app route-plotting tool.

How to follow routes

Once you’ve downloaded or plotted routes, follow them using our offline GPS.

How to locate yourself

Pinpoint your precise GPS location on the ViewRanger map screen.

How to discover routes

Search hundreds of thousands of interactive route guides to download and follow.

How to mark POIs

Mark specific locations as Points of Interest so they’re always visible on your map.

How to view trip stats

See live stats from every trip including duration, distance, elevation and coordinates.

How to record tracks

Record every outdoor adventure, then save the track and share with friends.

How to use ViewRanger on Apple Watch

Follow route guides, record your adventures, or navigate in map-only mode – all without mobile or data connection.

How to use ViewRanger on Wear OS

Navigate with offline maps, view real-time compass directions, follow route guides and record your adventures.

How to start your free OS maps trial

Sign up for a 7-day free trial to get unlimited Ordnance Survey maps for Great Britain.

How to use AutoPlot on iOS devices

Plan your next outdoor adventure in seconds with AutoPlot, a new PREMIUM feature in ViewRanger.

How to use ViewRanger BuddyBeacon

Track friends and family with the BuddyBeacon feature in the ViewRanger app. See where your outdoor friends are exploring.


How do I transfer my ViewRanger account and maps to a new phone?

How do I cancel an auto-renewing subscription?


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