Outdoor Navigation Reinvented

Outdoor navigation reinvented

Outdoor navigation reinvented

Skyline takes outdoor navigation and maps to the next level. Skyline doesn’t replace your traditional outdoor maps, it adds a new dimension to route-finding using augmented reality technology and the camera view on your mobile device.


Not sure what direction your route goes? Skyline overlays navigation arrows onto the real landscape, so you can quickly and confidently know you are on the right path.


Looking for the next trail junction, campsite, or where you parked your car? Skyline overlays waypoints and points of interest found on your map onto the real landscape too. It will also tell you how far these points are from your current location.

How do I navigate with Skyline?

How do I navigate with Skyline?
  • Launch the ViewRanger app.
  • Go to My Profile tab.
  • Find a route you’ve downloaded or created. Hit the blue Start button. The app is now navigating you to follow that route.
  • Hit the Skyline button
  • Hold your mobile device up to the landscape. Pan until you see blue navigation arrows pointing you in the right direction.

 There are many ways to find and create routes with ViewRanger. Learn how below:

How do I find a route to use with Skyline?

How do I find a route to use with Skyline?

In ViewRanger App:


  • Go to the Signpost tab in the top navigation bar to find routes near you.


  • Hit the Search tab in the top navigation bar.
  • Tap the icon to the left of the Search field. Select the type of search you want to do, by Place, Route, People or Coordinates.

 On ViewRanger.com:

  • Go to viewranger.com.
  • Select Routes in the navigation bar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have more than 120,000 published routes in the ViewRanger platform. Some routes are not detailed enough to show navigation arrows within Skyline, but you will still be able to see any waypoints and media associated with the route. The route description will tell you if it’s not compatible with our Skyline technology.

How do I create my own route for Skyline?

How do I create my own route for Skyline?
  • Log into My.ViewRanger.com
  • Select Routes and Tracks in the navigation bar.
  • Select Create a route from scratch or Create a route from GPX
  • Zoom into your map to find the start point for your route, then use the dropdown menu to switch between map types.
  • Click on the map to draw routes.
  • Click on any of the waypoints you’ve drawn to add notes and details, such as the location of a campsite, pub or great viewpoint.
  • Hit the Route Information button to add more details.
  • Tap Save when finished.

To see this route on your mobile device, launch the ViewRanger app. Log into your ViewRanger account. Go to the My Profile tab in the top navigation bar. Hit the Routes tab to see your new route.


Don’t see your route? Go to the Menu tab (three dots) in the upper navigation bar in the ViewRanger app. Select Synchronize Content, then Download tracks and Upload routes. All your routes will sync to the app. Return to My Profile tab. 

Skyline is live in ViewRanger for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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