How to install a route

As a ViewRanger user, you can download routes to your smartphone either via the App or via the web. The price of premium (paid for) routes varies, the price is set by the route owner. There are also many free routes to choose from.

Via the App: AP_route search menu.PNG

  • Run the ViewRanger app (you will need to create an account)
  • Open the main menu "Organizer" (left hand icon)
  • Select "Routes" option then Search for Routes
  • then start your serach "by Text" ie placename or "by Location" ie near you
  • From the routes listed, you can browse details, and download to your phone

Via the web: Search the choice of routes available via our web service By logging-in using the same details used for the app (email address & password), you can purchase routes on the web, then synchronise them to your mobile. (using "synchronise" option in the App on your mobile). 

There's also a quick search using a shortcode for some brands ie LKD for Cumbria Tourism or TRL for Trail Magazine, that can be followed by a number to find an individual route, if known.

Once downloaded, you'll get all the info - route, guidance and photos installed onto your phone and ready to go. As standard, the route will display on the map layer that is being used at that time. ie web maps like OpenStreetMap. However, you may prefer to upgrade and use detailed topographic premium maps - like those from GB Ordnance Survey. 

We recommend that you buy and add the Ordnance Survey mapping for the areas you need before you go, so that when you've reached the start point, open the route and hit 'Follow Route', you'll see your mapped location on screen and alerts when you reach each waypoint.

ViewRanger Customer Support:

Getting started guide: If you are new to ViewRanger then read the Getting Started Guide.

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