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Posted on 17/09/2019

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Hello explorers!

Read on for the latest app updates and news on all-things ViewRanger. 


Our latest iPhone update includes updates to track recording, including:

- More track stats: See total time and moving time on recorded tracks

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- Improved graphs: Enjoy updates on our speed and altitude profiles

iphone_new updates1.jpg

- New distance markers: See markers on tracks in miles or kilometres, your choice

Last week, Apple released its latest batch of new iPhones and Apple Watches. Our developers are acting fast to the updates and releasing support the iOS 13 and watchOS 6 updates this month. And, we’ll be testing new devices as soon as they are delivered.

Download the latest app from App Store.


We are super excited about our latest Android update. We’ve made it easier to record tracks, view stats, and access other tools from the Map screen. With a few taps on the Map screen, Android explorers can now:

- Start, pause, and stop tracks

- View maps in full screen mode


- View track time and distance stats


- Scroll up to see more stats like elevation and current GPS coordinates


- Quickly take a photo, access POIs, and send a BuddyBeacon

Download the latest app from Google Play. Feeling jealous iPhone users? We released you these updates earlier this year. 


We continue to add more premium topographic maps in Italy. We added three new FRATERNALI maps in the Valdaosta Region, including Mont Blanc. We now have complete coverage of Lake Garda area in Trentino and other maps from 4Land. And, we released a major updated to the Foreste Casentinesi National Park map by MONTI.

So many islands and beaches, so little time. We now have 117 maps covering most of Greece. Our map gurus also added outdoor-ready maps for Malta and Gozo too. Lastly, we updated our Ordnance Survey maps with the latest available updates. Premium+OS Maps subscribers get all these OS updates for free.


• How well do you know maps? Follow our Facebook page for a weekly map quiz and other news.

• Popular Science recently highlighted Skyline, our augmented reality feature.

• Check out this modern-day Nancy Drew mystery and how the author used ViewRanger to search out a surprise in Colorado.
• ViewRanger was App of the Day on Apple App Store in several countries across the globe on September 1. 

• We have all the route details on Scotland’s newest long-distance path, Fife Pilgrim Way.

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