Introducing AutoPlot

Posted on 30/05/2019

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Introducing AutoPlot, the best routes are now just a few taps away.

Our newest feature AutoPlot quickly finds and plots outdoor routes (hikes, walks, bike rides) nearly anywhere in the world. No need to meticulously draw each route segment. Choose AutoPlot. Then watch the route draw itself between points A and B. It's superfast--and supercharges how you explore.

Plus, AutoPlot inserts turn-by-turn directions and calculates trip distance, elevation gain/loss, and elevation profile.

Try it out today on iPhone or iPad. Coming soon to Android. Note: This feature requires a PREMIUM or PREMIUM + Maps subscription. 

How to AutoPlot

1. Launch the free ViewRanger app. Log into your ViewRanger account.
2. Go to Map Screen.
3. Tap (+) in the lower right corner.
4. Select Plot a Route.
5. Tap Auto button in the left bottom section of the screen.
6. Find your starting point on the map; press and hold to add it to the route.

7. Scroll the map to the next point or end point. Tap on the map. AutoPlot draws the best route for you for your activity. You can change the route's activity next to the Auto button.

8. Drop additional points on the route and drag them if you want to adjust the route line.
9. Once you are finished, tap Save. Add name and description to your route and tap Save again.

10. To see route details, go to your Profile -> Routes and tap on the newly created route. Go to Waypoints to see turn-by-turn directions for your route.


Watch our short video tutorial to find out more details:

Happy planning. Got questions or comments? Let us know.

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