PREMIUM + Maps Launch in 3 More Countries

Posted on 03/12/2018

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G’day Australia,
Hola Spain,
Hallo! Norway,
We’ve been busy here at ViewRanger. Last week we launched PREMIUM + Maps
products in Australia, Spain, and Norway. These new products come packed with tools
and maps, nearly everything you need to plan and navigate in these countries.
Not only do each of these products include all PREMIUM features (Skyline, 3D
Flyovers, Offline Maps, and BuddyBeacon), the bundles come with best-in-class offline
maps in their select country.

PREMIUM + Australia

This bundle includes offline outdoor maps in 4 states in Australia: New South Wales,
Queensland, Tasmania, and Victoria. Before this launch, we only offered maps in New
South Wales, so our team has been busy working with top map providers to significantly
expand our coverage so you can explore more Down Under. Learn more at:


This new package offers offline maps from IGN and CNIG for the whole country of
Spain. We re-organized our Spain maps and make it easier for you to download offline
maps. Discover more at:

PREMIUM + Norway

Lastly, we are really excited to add a Norway bundle. Not only are the maps more
affordable, we have made it easier to find and save offline maps from our map provider
Kartverket. Find more at:
These latest releases are just part of a bigger Premium + Maps collection to bring the
tools and maps you need to explore your homeland and new territories. You can try any
PREMIUM + Maps product for FREE for 7 days. Then pick from a monthly or annual
plan, whatever fits your adventure needs.
Not sure what bundle is best for you? Check out our product comparison grid at:
Questions? Our support geniuses are on hand to answer your questions. Contact them

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