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Posted on 05/10/2018


We know GPS and maps can be a bit confusing. So we put together a quick guide to a few technical terms used in ViewRanger.

1. 3D Flyovers: a 3D map feature in ViewRanger that overlays routes and tracks onto 3D maps.

“Jane played a 3D Flyover in ViewRanger of her big hike up Half Dome. Her friends saw every step and view as they virtually flew over the landscape in 3D.”

2. AR: short for augmented reality. Technology that superimposes digital information onto the real world around you.

Related term: Skyline

3. BuddyBeacon: a live-tracking feature in ViewRanger that allows users to privately share their location with other people.

“Jill checked Bob’s shared GPS location with BuddyBeacon since he hadn’t returned from his weekly trail run.”


4. GPX: a file format to exchange GPS data between mapping software, navigation apps, and GPS devices. GPX files can be imported and exported from ViewRanger.

“Joe imported a GPX file from his Garmin device into ViewRanger.”


5. Map tile: a small image file of a map. Every location is divided into hundreds, if not thousands, of map tile images at different zoom levels within ViewRanger for faster download times.

 “ViewRanger is downloading 245 map tiles for the Big Waterfall route.”


6. POI: short for Point(s) of Interest. A standalone point that can be privately marked in the ViewRanger app. It includes GPS coordinates and optional notes the user wishes to add. 

“Sue marked a POI where she caught the big rainbow trout.”

 Related term: Waypoint

7. Route: a pre-planned guide you download and follow in ViewRanger. Typically routes are posted by publishers and writers but also can be created by any ViewRanger user. Routes can contain lots of information, including GPS data (tracks and waypoints) photos, guidebook-style directions, and user reviews.  

“The route guided Mark up Mount Snowdon, giving him precise locations on the map and helpful trail descriptions and photos so he could navigate his way.”

Related term: Track


8. Skyline: an augmented reality feature in ViewRanger that uses the camera on a smartphone or tablet to label peaks, places, and other points on the real landscape. Also shows navigation arrows and waypoints when following a route.

“Jane launched Skyline in the ViewRanger app to learn the names of mountains in Peak District National Park.”

Related Term: AR


9. Track: a digital breadcrumb trail of your adventure that you record in ViewRanger

“Jon recorded a track of his favourite bike ride to the lake.”

Related term: Route

10. ViewRanger Credits: a way to buy a la carte maps and paid-for routes in the ViewRanger app.

11. Waypoint: a GPS location found along a route with extra navigation details and/or content.

“The waypoint told Sarah to “Turn left and walk up the steep steps to a beautiful overlook.”   

Related term: POI


12. AutoPlot: route plotting feature in ViewRanger that uses map box data to draw the best route for your activity automatically. 

Related term: Route


13. Tracks with Photos: a ViewRanger feature that allows users to upload photos captured during their adventures on-the-go or add them later to the corresponding tracks. 

Related term: Track

We hope this helps you understand some of the jargon used in ViewRanger. Got any other jargon questions? Post them in the comments area.

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