#Microadventure Challenge Highlights

Posted on 14/07/2017

The Summer Solstice Microadventure Challenge with Alastair Humphreys and ViewRanger has come to an end and we've received amazing entries from all over world – from a strawberry breakfast under the Matterhorn to sea kayaking expeditions in Jersey, and from hill-top family wild camps to freezing cold Alpine ice baths.  

Below is a selection of the winning entries: click on the image to read the full entry. And make sure you keep tagging us in your microadventures!

Valerie Rachel's strawberries at sunrise in full view of the Matterhorn: Valerie Rachel's sunrise strawberries beneath the Matterhorn


The Trail Journal's family beach adventure: 

The Trail Journal's family beach adventure


Sarah's first ever solo camp:

Sarah Partridge's first solo wild camp


Tom Sabido's Yosemite view:

Tom Sabido's campsite


Helen Seymour's wild camp on the UK's most northerly island:

Helen Seymour on the most northerly island in the UK


Jake Baggaley's ice swim in the Italian Alps:

Jake Baggaley's ice swim in Italian alps 


Kirsty Shearer's action-packed Friday:

Kirsty Shearer's action-packed Friday


Dave Fieldhouse's sunny Snowdonia camp:

Dave Fieldhouse in Snowdonia 


Frank McCarthy's kayaking expeditions:

Frank McCarthy's kayak expeditions


Outcozo's epic sleeping spot in Austria:

Outcozo's epic sleeping spot in Austria

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