5 reasons… you need to go hiking in Malawi

Posted on 16/01/2017

Home to central Africa’s highest mountain and boasting some of the continent’s most spectacular scenery, the landlocked country of Malawi is a hidden gem for hikers and rock-climbers.

Mountain Club of Malawi’s Drew Corbyn tells ViewRanger his top five reasons why this is the ideal destination for your next overseas adventure.


1. “Mount Mulanje (3,002m) is a superb destination – its high rocky peaks, deep forested valleys and spectacular waterfalls offer breathtaking hikes. The extensive network of paths and mountain huts surrounding the peak provide you with boundless possibilities.” 
Approaching Malwai's Mount Mulanje through the Lauderdale Estate tea fields.jpg

2. “Behold the greatest rock wall in Africa! Chambe’s west face presents 1,700 metres of precipitous cliff. Mount Mulanje towers above the plains below with a tremendous sense of impregnability.”

Heading down from Nandalanda Peak with the sunset behind Chambe and the Blantyre hills in the distance.jpg

3. “The flora and fauna of Malawi’s high mountains are unique, and home to several endemic species.” 


4. “You’ll discover why Malawi is known as ‘The warm heart of Africa’ when you meet the friendly mountain guides and appreciate the rich local culture.”

Thuchila Hut.jpg

5. “When you tire of the mountains, the fresh blue waters and sandy beaches of Lake Malawi are just a stone’s throw away.”



Download hiking routes from the Mountain Club of Malawi here and follow them in the ViewRanger app.   

Visit the Mountain Club of Malawi’s official website to discover their new Hiking Guide to Mount Mulanje.


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