"Walking is the best way to connect with the world."

Posted on 01/01/2017

Group hikeNew Year’s Day marks the launch of ViewRanger’s 2017 Outdoor Challenges, which we hope will inspire you to walk, run and cycle further than you’ve ever done before. 

In 2016 ViewRanger Challengers covered a combined total of more than 1 million miles, and we’ve been blown away by all of your inspirational stories and achievements. Some of you walked a few hundred miles, some of you cycled thousands of miles, and all of you contributed to the wonderful sense of community surrounding the challenges.

If you still need inspiration to sign up in 2017, here are some of the reasons why other people are taking part…

“I had a stent fitted in October 2015 to fix a heart problem, so I'm walking 1000 miles to show that a heart condition need not hold you back.”
Michael Geraghty

“ViewRanger has given me the confidence to walk the countryside, discover new paths and build up a network of routes. My weekly walks have averaged between 5 and 10 miles, so the 500-mile challenge should take me to the next level.”
Richard Ashley

Happy cyclist cheering“The 6,000-mile cycling challenge shows we can all ride bikes a little bit more, take the car less, get better, and feel better ;-).”
Sebastien Courteille

“I want to walk 250 miles as I’m recovering from major spinal surgery and want to build up my strength going as far as I can, even if it's with crutches and splints.”
Deborah Munday

“I'm walking 1000 miles for the adventure! When I heard about this challenge I couldn't resist signing up. From finding fantastic new routes to simply enjoying the great outdoors, I’m so excited to be a part of it.”
Hetty Key

“I’m riding 750 miles to aid my recovery after illness, improve my stamina and improve mental well-being. I also enjoy getting out into the open and travelling around.”
Virginie Risdon

“I can’t hike much at the moment because I’ve broken my shoulder, but next year I want to walk the Camino de Santiago Compostela in Spain, so I’ll be using the 250-mile walking challenge to train.”
Antonius Haase

Woman walking on the beach with her dog“I’m walking 250 miles because I love the ViewRanger app and the friendly community – and walking is good for my health!”
Guillaume Duringer

“I'm walking 1000 miles in memory of my school friend who died of cancer in 2015.  My target is to walk the complete South West Coastal Path in three weeks to raise money for Cancer Research.”
Malcolm Hooker

“I’m walking 1000 miles because I love walking. It’s the best way to connect with the world.”
Cristian Cornejo

“I’m aiming for 500 miles because I’ve cut down on the number of walks I do, and it will allow me to master landscape photography.”
Alun Bevans

Hiking group in the sun“I walk every week throughout the year and I’m walking 500 miles this year because I love nature and meeting people from other places.”
Arcadio Hernandez Lorenzo

“I want to ride 3000 miles this year because my new bike is my new best friend!”
Kirsten Whitehead

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