5 minutes with: the man encouraging people to get outdoors in Singapore

Posted on 20/12/2016

ViewRanger talks to Shahul Hameed, who created the Kopje Exploration Trekker club in Singapore to encourage more people to get outdoors.

blogIMG_1020.jpgHow long have you been into the outdoors and sports?

Outdoors and sports have been in my interests since my school days. I was a soccer player, representing my school in various competitions. I took up mountain biking, camping, rock climbing and mountain climbing from 1999 onwards but due to work commitments and lack of funds, I put these activities at a temporary halt in 2002. Coming back with stable funding as well as better health, I kick started again in October 2015, after 13 years of being semi-retired! I’m still going strong!


What was your most recent trip?

I just got back from my trip to Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia. Having to summit at 3726 meters (12,224ft) above sea level was really an experience that nobody would want to miss. Standing at 1/3 the height of Everest, Mount Rinjani still promises a 


magnificent view.
The trail from the base passes through a savannah, lots of uphill and downhill climbs before you reach “the hills of regret” which has 3 small peaks. After, we headed for the “Rim Crater” where we camped overnight before the next morning’s summit hike commencing at 2am. Reaching the summit at 7:45am with the sun just beginning to rise, gives you a warm feeling behind the cold wind that constantly blows at your face. We descended to the “Rim Crater” for a late breakfast before heading down to base and finished the hike by 7pm. I would like to say a thousand thank yous to Rinjani Trek Club, and to the guide & porters involved in making this a successful climb as well as the ViewRanger app for having the ability to track my hike at that altitude even without a mobile signal or data!


Tell us about your club, Kopje Exploration Trekker

“Kopje Exploration Trekker” is a non-profit organization founded by myself with a few others. We help organize and plan outdoors and sports activities, locally and overseas. The key objective of this club is to promote safe and informative outdoor activities, as well as to help the younger generation appreciate nature. The plan is to cover most Asia Pacific adventure spots.



What kind of activities do you cover?

“Kopje Exploration Trekker” organize activities such as hiking (from beginner to intermediate level), mountain biking or leisure cycle rides, river rafting, rock climbing, camping and food exploration. Most of these activities are carried out in neighboring countries such as Malaysia & Indonesia. This is due to lack of a natural landscape in Singapore. The group has a guide local to where the activities take place to ensure safety guide lines are adhered to.

How does ViewRanger help the club’s adventures?

ViewRanger helps the club’s adventures by providing exact co-ordinates or GPS location. A summary after the hike is displayed on the group’s trip note for every participant to see how much they have achieved and how much they could improve. I have yet to try out the new Skyline function but would like to try this on my next hike!

IMG_102blog9.jpgWhat’s was your favourite ever trip?

My favorite trip ever would be the recent trip to Mount Rinjani, due to the fact that I’ve trained and saved up for this trip. Standing at 3726m asl is just an experience of a lifetime.


What are your goals for the next year, individually and for the club?

Individual Goal for 2017: To be able to reach Everest Base Camp and complete at least 80% of Malaysia’s hiking spots!

Club Goal for 2017: To have the club registered on the board and be able to organize and conduct adventure activities for school kids.


A big thank you to Shahul for speaking to us. Visit his Twitter @ShahulHam33d to find out more. All images belong to Shahul Hameed.

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