A message from our founders: Apple Watch updates

Posted on 29/11/2016

Last week we released the first stage of our all-new Apple Watch platform, which was first unveiled live on stage during the Apple keynote last September.

This new watch app was designed to follow turn-by-turn routes from a selection of our top publishers and was launched with more than 9,000 watch-compatible routes in the USA and UK. It’s been exciting to launch these new capabilities. We also welcome all new watch users to the ViewRanger community.

As a first release it had lots of new features, but we also heard from existing ViewRanger users who were upset about some of the changes. We've read your concerns about losing some watch app capabilities, and our upcoming app release will address many of those, plus add even more great features like zoom-able maps. Our next releases will include the following features:

  • Send nearly any public route on ViewRanger.com to the Apple Watch. 99% of all routes will be watch-compatible.
  • Send your own private routes to Apple Watch.
  • We've added maps to the watch. View and zoom into detailed maps, including premium maps like Ordnance Survey, USGS topos, and IGN maps.
  • Map-only mode. See your GPS location on a map without following a trail guide.
  • Start, pause and stop a track recording and view live stats on Apple Watch, when paired with an iPhone.

These features will be in addition to the ones already available in the current app. See more.


If you're an avid watch user, we'd like to invite you to join our Beta Program and to test our Watch app as we roll out further updates. There are limited spaces available, but we will try to accommodate as many testers as we can.

Just enter your email address in the section at the very bottom of this page and we'll email you the link to sign up to our Beta Program as soon as it's available. (NOTE: the email will come from TestFlight)

If you have additional comments, please post them in the comments here and we’ll reply. Thanks again for your support and feedback.

Craig & Mike
ViewRanger co-founders

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