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Posted on 27/06/2016

In honour of Euro 2016 being held in France we’ve collected some of our best French routes to help you explore the hosting stadiums’ cities, so you can get out and explore between the matches.



1. St- Denis – Nanterre (FREE)
Cycling route
Difficulty: Medium
Length: 7.31 miles
By 355381

Bursting with culture, this trail takes you to the north side of Paris where you can experience the statement gothic cathedral where a number of the Kings of France were buried.

Best for: Royal enthusiasts 

Download route here



2. Paris – Aligre (£)
Walking route
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.86 miles

By Business Traveller

Make your way round the historic architecture of the railway arches that have been given a modern twist of renovation from local artists. This easy walk gives impressive sights and stop-offs including the local market with beautiful, fresh food.

Best for: Train spotters

Download route here



3. Nice – Alpes – Maritimes (FREE)
Running/jogging route
Difficulty: Medium
Length: 9.4 miles

By Jean Pierre SAILIS06

For the keen runner who wants a pretty backdrop, take this forest-set route and test yourself with uphill climbs and stairs. Half way through, your feet will nearly be touching the water with a jog by the coastline. 

Best for: Summer runners



4. Bordeax Lacanau cycling (FREE)
Cycling route
Difficulty: Medium
Length: 41.56 miles

By SirtAqui network

This suburban bike trail begins in the city centre, leading you past the quays at Bordeaux and then along the waterfront, eventually making your way to the swimming lake. Stop off and take a splash before continuing to the seaside. 

Best for: Coastline cruisers

Download this route


Route55. VTT Pastre – Hippodrome Borely (FREE)
Mountain biking route
Difficulty: Medium
Length: 12.11 miles

By Laurenzo13 LC

A mountain biking route around Marseille, passing the beaches of Borely and looping back round to Borley Park. This route involves some big ascents so it’s definitely one to choose if you like a challenge.

Best for: Mountain bikers

Download the route



6. Annay-Sous lens – Harmes (FREE)
Mountain biking route
Difficulty: Medium
Length 11.39 miles

By Bruno Glinkowski

A perfect mountain biking route within the woods with the chance of some surfaced passages. The tall woodland will make for a wind-protected ride so you can enjoy the trail.

Best for: Woodland explorers 

Download the route



7. Lillie – Strasbourg (FREE)
Cycling route
Difficulty: Medium
Length: 325.02 miles

By Phill Eaglen

This route is not for the faint hearted! A road cycle around some of the Tour de France hotspots, providing outstanding views and cycling history memories. Definitely a challenge, but worth it to see the Tour de France highlights.

Best for: Tour de France lovers

Download the route


Route88. Toulouse à Baziège (£)
Hiking route
Difficulty: Very easy
Length: 15.28 miles

By David Peloquin

Walking away from the city following Roman roads you pass by the pretty canal for a laid back, relaxing hike and end it in Baziege. A great way to explore the area around the stadiums.

Best for: Wandering explorers

Download the route



9. Around St Bonnet les Oules (FREE)
Walking route
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.44 miles

By Jean- Calude Desbenoit

Take a walk through the wild meadows and explore the greenery of a surrounding village of St Etienne. A great place for some peace and quiet before returning to the game.

Best for: Wild walkers

Download the route


Route 10

10. Taluyers; Montagny (FREE)

Mountain Biking

Difficulty: Medium

Length: 13.89 miles

By Phillipee ING

A pleasant ride around Taluyers through Mornant Landes Montagny. These quiet roads take you on a beginners trail to mountain biking with some elevation and alpine training. 

Best for: Mountain biking beginners

Download the route

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