4 ways to get the most out of the latest app update

Posted on 21/03/2016

Map Management on devices

We've been busy these last few months! If you've downloaded the latest update you'll have noticed a totally redesigned 'My Maps' section, complete with extra features and functionality.

We listened to your feedback and we've completely re-designed the way you manage your maps. We've made it easier to find your purchases and add or remove them from your device - plus it's even easier to manage your account across multiple devices. Read on for 4 simple ways you can get the most out of the new update.

Find all your maps in one place

Just tap the cog icon in the top right corner of the app, the 'My Maps' to bring up your map history.

  1. Manage the maps stored on your device. In the 'My Device' tab you'll see a list of all the maps that are currently stored on your device. These are the maps you've saved for offline use; the ones you can access at any time
  2. View your purchase history. See every map or map tile you've ever purchased or downloaded in the 'My Maps' tab - you can re-download them from here whenever you need to*
  3. Remove or add maps on your device. If you want to remove a saved map from your device, just tap the one you wish to remove then 'Remove from device'. To re-download, simply visit the 'My Maps' tab and tap to download
  4. Full cross-device compatibility. Regardless of which device was used to make the purchase, you can manage your maps in the same way across up to 4 devices, regardless of whether you have Apple devices, Android devices, or both (we're proud to have full cross-platform compatibility)

Tips and tricks

  • Download maps over Wi-Fi before leaving the house. This will ensure you don't go over your data allowance (map files can be large!), plus it means you won't be caught out if there's no signal on your route
  • If you've purchased a section of map and want to extend it slightly, you can purchase individual tiles to top up the area. Within 'My Maps' tap the section of map you want to extend, then 'Get more tiles from this area'. Just select which tiles you need and tap 'Download'
  • Use the 'My Maps' tab to quickly switch between different versions of map, including Ski Map, OpenCycleMap, Open Street Map, and Bing Aerial Imagery

We want to hear what you think!

Have you been using the update? Get in touch with your feedback in the comments below or Tweet us @ViewRanger!


* The vast majority of purchased maps and tiles will appear here, except:
Products that aren't available to purchase in-app. Products with old serial numbers. Custom maps purchased without a matching ViewRanger account. Geolives tiles. If you have any queries about your maps please contact our Support team.

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