ViewRanger integrates Apple Health

Posted on 21/09/2015

Today’s release of ViewRanger for iOS version 6.1 sees ViewRanger integrating with Apple’s Health app, allowing Apple users to view step count and heart rate information alongside other live track statistics recorded, such as height gain or loss, length, duration and speed.

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The new health information feeds into ViewRanger from a step counter or heart rate monitor device, via the Apple Health app, with the user’s consent. 

When available and allowed, the step count and/or heart rate data is displayed live in the ViewRanger app while recording a track and the results are stored as part of the ViewRanger track. Route tracks recorded in ViewRanger can also be saved to Apple Health as workouts. 

couplewithphone_smaller.jpgLinking up with Apple Health gives an extra level of information to the ViewRanger track recording, and making the new health information easily accessible allows everybody to become more aware of their fitness level, while simply enjoying the great outdoors.

Step counting can also provide additional motivation to walk for health, adding an extra sense of achievement to a day out.  Paired with thousands of content-rich route guides available to download in-app, Viewranger aims to provide everything people need to get out there and enjoy.

For those who already exercise regularly outdoors, ViewRanger offers a simple way to find and record inspirational new routes that help to maintain motivation.

Health app compatible devices and apps include Apple Watch, the Apple Activity app (steps), Jawbone (UP line), Garmin Vivofit as well as external Bluetooth 4.0 enabled heart rate monitors.  

Apple’s Health app is available on iPhones running iOS8 and above.

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