It's Now Easier To Buy Map Tiles On The Go!

Posted on 19/12/2014

If you're out on a walk or ride find yourself heading towards a bit of blank screen because you've reached the edge of a premium map, you can now purchase the tiles you need to continue on the same map, much more easily.

4 tile images 1400x600.png

buy credit in-app.pngAll you need is some ViewRanger credit on your account and a bit of data signal to be able to download these on the move. Now just need to tap on the bubble to download the tile you need.

Even if you usually purchase your maps as pre-defined products through the Store or the webshop, why not make sure you have also bought a credit pack in advance, which you can then spend as and when you need it?


How to purchase ViewRanger credits:

  • You can buy credit packs in-app from £5.99:

    Go to map options (the options button on the map page) > Choose a map > Ger more maps >Premium map - custom areas

  • Through the Webshop



* If you are wondering why the tiles in the images above cost different amounts of credits, it's because you don't get charged for the the bits that are water ;)

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