ViewRanger In Use by 90% of UK Mountain and Lowland Search and Rescue Teams

Posted on 04/12/2014

We are delighted that ViewRanger is now used by more than 90% of the mountain and lowland search and rescue teams across Great Britain.

Through our VSAR (Voluntary Search and Rescue) Program, ViewRanger equips accredited search and rescue teams throughout Europe, Canada and the USA with the very latest in GPS mapping, tracking and navigation technology.Cambridgeshire search and rescue use and trust viewranger app

Craig Wareham, ViewRanger co-founder, said: “ViewRanger is now used by every Lowland Rescue team (ALSAR), the vast majority of mountain rescue teams across England and Wales (MREW), Scotland (MRCoS), and Ireland. It has also been recently deployed throughout France by the Gendarme mountain rescue teams across both the PGHM elite rescue teams that form part of the country’s High Mountain Gendarmerie and the PGM teams that hold responsibility for public safety in mid-mountain regions.”

Kris Manning, Lowland Rescue Chairman, said: “The app is now widely used in all kinds of planning, search and rescue and training situations. Using ViewRanger, search managers can circulate rendezvous points as coordinates for rescuers to follow using GPS navigation.

“The location of individual rescuers can also be seen at all times by the search manager using BuddyBeacon – ViewRanger's location sharing feature – which allows team members and search dogs to be accurately tracked and viewed live by a search coordinator on a smartphone, tablet, or the web.”

For the ViewRanger team it is extremely satisfying to see the app facilitating the extraordinary work of so many highly skilled organisations helping people in difficulty.

ViewRanger is also being used increasingly by coastguard teams, PolSAR officers in police forces and other organisations that provide vital services such as the RNLI flood rescue.

Find out more about the VSAR scheme and the teams using ViewRanger at

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