Wild camping on The Band, Great Langdale by Terry Abraham

Posted on 12/11/2014

Wild camping on The Band, Great Langdale by Terry Abraham is one of twelve photos by members of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild we chose to decorate the ViewRanger offices, representing the best of UK outdoor photography.




About the photo:

This photo pretty much embodies how I go about capturing the British countryside at it's very best. I wild camp, watching and waiting for those perfect moments you only ever see when spending nights out on the tops. My tent is my home. My office. My security and retreat. I'm happiest spending time out alone in the outdoors soaking up the views and atmosphere which most hikers miss while racing along ticking off summits.
The camp seen in the photo was captured from The Band in Great Langdale. I arrived late the previous evening from a screening of my Cairngorms film at the Kendal Mountain Festival. It was awful making my way up in winds, rain and clag. Reluctantly I gave up heading to a higher and more remote camp and chose to stay put for comfort. And I'm pleased I did as the following morning transformed into a truly stunning world all around my camp.

About Terry Abraham:

Terry-tarping-in-the-Lake-District-©Terry-Abraham.jpgI'm a prolific wild camper who is keen to promote the world-class scenery we have here in the UK and happen to be a self-taught filmmaker too. I've always had a passion for the outdoors and often refer to myself as a 'posh tramp' and an interest in video has always been there too. 3 years or so ago I was made redundant from my tedious 9-5 office job and brazenly jumped in with both feet endeavouring to forge myself a career in outdoors video - and I've not looked back since! I produced my first feature film 'The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend' last year which was released to widespread critical acclaim.

For over 14 months now I've been busy filming something very close to my heart - 'Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike'. A cinematic documentary featuring a year in the life of England's highest peak, including all those who live, work, care for and play around this iconic fell. It's while working on this film I took the two photos you're about to see.


Terry's YouTube channel

Twitter: @terrybnd

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