Cross-country skiing, Gålå, Norway by Jon Sparks

Posted on 12/11/2014

Cross-country skiing, Gålå, Norway by Jon Sparks is one of twelve photos by members of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild we chose to decorate the ViewRanger offices, representing the best of UK outdoor photography.




About the photo:

This image shows my partner Bernie Carter skiing near Gålå in Norway. We’d had an excellent week skiing with Nordic Challenge ( but this was the last day and we’d got up early to snatch an extra couple of hours before breakfast before leaving to catch the train to Oslo.
With shots like this the challenge is not so much in the technical side of photography as in having the intuition for when a good spot is coming up, then being able to ski ahead, step off the track, hoick the camera out and be ready to shoot without holding up your companion(s) too much. For me it's still worth the extra weight to carry an SLR as the speed of operation makes up for the non-pocketability – and the quality still rules. But how you carry it is critical and the right solution varies according to what you're doing. A pouch on my hip works fine for walking but not at all when skiing.


About Jon Sparks:

I’m a professional photographer and writer covering a variety of outdoor activities, particularly walking and cycling – both road and mountain biking. I’ve done a wide range of other stuff too, including scrambling and climbing and (as the photo shows) cross-country skiing. I also write extensively about photography itself; for example, I have produced Expanded Guides to most Nikon SLRs.

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