The Scandinavian Experience - by foot, by bike, by kayak

Posted on 06/08/2014

Famed for fjords, forest and foothills, Scandinavia offers some of the most diverse trekking opportunities in Europe, with a huge range of options for a variety of activities. So it seems fitting that the best way to see all that this region has to offer is by utilising a number of different methods of exploration to ensure you experience the diversity of Scandinavia.

Whether you are in Denmark, Norway or Sweden, here are suggestions from ViewRanger users for some of the best routes by bike, by foot and by kayak or canoe.

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scandinavia floren.jpghike.png Bergen to Mount Floyen

Distance: 5 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Published by: WalkingWorld

For a nice easy start, why not try a trip to the Norwegian port of Bergen, where a stroll past the medieval architecture of the Bryggen waterfront takes you to the funicular station, and offers some great sightseeing opportunities. Then enjoy the view across the city from the funicular as it takes you up to the top of Mount Floyen, one of the area’s most popular mountains for walking. Once at the top there are a network of trails for you to explore, but our recommendation is to walk to the lake Skomakerdiket before enjoying the views across fjords and forests from the eastern paths. You can then walk back down the mountain into town to sample the highly regarded fish market nearby.


hike.png Gjendebu to Memurubu, Jotunheimen

Distance: 5.8 miles
Difficulty: Hard/Medium
Published by: Jon Buntzen Müller

Further north, and handily situated right in the centre of Norway, is the Jotunheimen Mountain Area, which is one of the most popular walking areas in Norway. It contains arguably the most frequented hiking trail, which follows the gentle curve of Lake Gjende and covers the impressive Besseggen ridge. You can start at either end of the trail, but going from Gjendebu to Memurubu affords the best views, although the steep trail is quite a bit more difficult to traverse in this direction. You can continue along the trails to Gjendesheim, or take the regular ferry back to your starting point – or you could even make the return trip by kayak along the Gjende, taking in the impressive peaks above from the calm blue waters of the lake.



scandinavia lake.jpgcycle-road.png Femsjö

Distance: 13.19 miles
Difficulty: Medium
Published by: Scandinavian Trails

The neighbouring country of Sweden offers similarly varied and extensive walking routes, but to really get the 

most out of the country landscapes, cycling is the best way to go. The village of Femsjö is the birthplace of famed mycologist and botanist Elias Fries, and a museum dedicated to the scientist can be found there. Cycling routes from the village take in some of the varied geography the area has to offer, with this route passing by deep blue lakes and across rocky ridges, perfect for an intermediate cyclist wishing to push themselves just a little bit more.




Distance: 24.17 miles
Difficulty: Medium
Published by: Tobias Bergsten

For a route that takes in some of Sweden’s rich cultural history, why not try this cycling route through the city of Norrköping and into the surrounding countryside. At its southernmost point, the route briefly follows that of the Göta Canal, which is often called Sweden’s Greatest Wonder. Those wishing to further extend their trip may continue further along the canal, or could visit the pleasant village of Kimstad at the west of the route. For a great mix of Swedish urban and countryside cycling, this route is hard to beat.



Skjern river.jpgcycle-road.pngSøndervig - Copenhagen

Distance: 247miles
Dificulty: medium
Published by: Nationale Cykelruter

This is the National Cycle Route 4 ,which starting on the West Jutland coast, a dramatic landscape, shaped by The North Sea.  As it turns inland up the River Skjern (Denmark's only river delta and largest body of water) you enter a fantastic spot for wildlife - otters and salmon in particular - and then head for Denmark's highest point (at 170m!) in the Ejerbjerge hills before seeing the landscape change at the Jutland Ridge.

Aarhus, on the East Jutland Coast, Denmark's second largest city, marks the halfway point. From there catch a boat to Zealand, where the route continues through the ancient Viking city of Roskilde to the capital.


kayaking Denmark.jpgcanoe.jpgFalster, the Beautiful South

Distance: 13.06 miles
Difficulty: Medium
Published by: Scandinavian Trails

A Great scenic walk on Falster. You will pass several of the most beautiful places on and near Falster. Up the creek, past small islands, salt marshes and forests. Along the way, there is the chance to meet both the eagle and seals. There is a camping area at both ends of the trip.


Hopefully this brief guide to some of our picks has whetted your appetite for the delightful opportunities that Scandinavia has to offer.

Finally, remember to upload your photos of your trip, record tracks, convert them to routes and publish, publish, publish!

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