5 beautiful places to go kayaking in Scotland with ViewRanger

Posted on 18/07/2014

Everyone knows that Scotland is a beautiful place to go kayaking, but have you though of ViewRanger as a kayaking tool?  You may not have realised that you can also find kayaking routes through the route search facility in-app or on my.viewranger, so if you fancied kayaking but were hesitating as to where to start, here's your answer!

As well as the great views from new angles, kayaking's great exercise and extremely fun, and it's an activity that lends itself to solo trips or outting with the whole family.

Here we have brought together five beautiful places in Scotland to glide through in your kayak.

River forth_caption.jpgRiver Teith

Length: 5 miles

Difficulty: Medium

The River Teith flows from north-west Scotland to join the River Forth, near Stirling. It is a truly calm and beautiful place, in fact the name comes from the Scottish Gaelic “Uisge Theamhich” which translates into English as the "quiet and pleasant water.” Although the nature of this route is pretty basic it is a little tricky for absolute beginners in bad weather, so if it’s your first time in a kayak you might want to wait until the weathers nice. The total length of the route is about 5 miles long, but there are a lot of access points and picnic stops if you fancy a break. There is also free parking! To check out the route click here.


Morlich Kayak

Length: 4 miles

Difficulty: Very Easy

Loch Morlich_caption.jpgLoch Morlich is full of adventure and fun. With the opportunity to hire a variety of watersports equipment and even lessons, there is no excuse not to get involved! The lake itself is the definition of beauty, proved by the fact that in 2009 it was the first freshwater loch to win a seaside award.

If you like history then it might interest you to know that during the Second World War Loch Morlich was the training ground for Norwegian soldiers because the Scottish environment is so similar to the Norway. To this day a memorial to the Kompani Linge still stands outside the Glenmore Forest Park.

The route itself is incredibly easy and enjoyable, perfect for beginners. But if you’re still doubtful, sign yourself up with Glenmore Lodge on a sea kayaking course. If you fancy a visit to Loch Morlich then click here to see the route in my.viewranger.com 


 Fionnphort bay_caption.jpgBull Hole paddle

Length: 4 miles

Difficulty: Medium  

Holidays are all about escaping reality. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just enjoying tranquillity. Where better to do this than in the tiny Scottish village and port of Fionnphort. This idyllic little settlement houses 80 people, which makes it the second largest community in the locale. Its untouched scenery makes it the perfect place to explore and admire, and there is no better way to do this than gliding around the coast line in a kayak. To check out the Fionnphort sea kayak route click here.


Morar to Camusdarach

Morar.jpgLength: 3 miles

Difficulty: Medium

Imagine a tropical beach, the white sands, the gentle lapping waves, but, there are no tourists, only you and your family in a shoal of little boats. You are imagining the Scottish village of Morar, famed for its tropical white sands and low population. What better way to relax and unwind then to escape the crowds and get some real family time. If a tropical beach in Scotland sounds like the perfect destination to you then click here for the route information.


Loch Shiel Canoe Trip

Loch Shiel_caption.jpgLength: 14 miles

Difficulty: Medium

If you want to go to a place full of mystery and magic then go no further than Loch Shiel. The place looks so mystical it’s not surprising it was where the Harry Potter films were shot, which will excite even children who are usually bored by nature. It is surrounded by mountains and the best way to admire them is from your kayak. By exploring the area by boat you get to see all sorts of amazing sights you would not see if you were walking, for example there are many historical ruins from chapels and castles not to be missed. To experience this magical loch you'll need the kayaking route which can be found here.


If you have been inspired to kayak, even if it isn't in Scotland, don't forget to use my.viewranger.com to find nearby routes for inspiration. If you are out kayaking with ViewRanger why not take some pictures and link them to your track, in order to create a trip story? (To link your Flickr or Picassa account to ViewRanger, log into my.viewranger using the same details as on your app, and go to My account > plug ins).

Happy Kayaking!

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