Tips for how to best use ViewRanger as a Cycling Club

Posted on 22/06/2014

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Test Valley Cycling Club is an all-inclusive and friendly club which caters for all abilities and organises two rides per week in the Test Valley and surrounding area (North Hampshire).

Mike Stead is TVC Club Captain and a frequent club ride route-plotter using ViewRanger.

(This is him, climbing Sustenpass on this route in the Alps last summer (like the altitude profile graph!)

I asked Mike how Test Valley Cycling Club makes use of ViewRanger in their club activities:

Facebook screen grab.JPG"All our rides are planned and shared using ViewRanger, and can be downloaded by anyone for use on their smartphones or bike navigation devices.

When fine-tuning a route I swap between OS maps and Open Cyclemap to pick out the traffic-free roads. This ability to dive into a national database of existing cycling routes means we get to ride the best bits without having local knowledge.

Out on the ride we use VR to navigate on Android and iPhones, particularly using the XTE error alarm to tell us when we've missed a turn - when you've been out for 12 or more hours it's easy to do.

We now have a public database of about 70 rides varying from 10 to 250km, and often combine the old with new bits to make for new routes."




As well as the twice-weekly rides, they are also prone to doing a few 100/150+ miles escapades a year...

This weekend just gone, Midsummer 2014, they did The Great Solent Loop (235km/145 miles)

And last summer there was The Whitchurch-Bath-Whitchurch Randonnée 2013 (240km)



Great Solent Route.JPG4photos.png(See more jealousy-inducing photos from TVCC's gallery).

This is a great example of how ViewRanger helps in activity planning and route information sharing at a club level, and acts as a safety and navigtion tool on a personal level.

Many thanks to Mike for his time and enthusiasm and for the use of his great photos.

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