Top 5 Outdoors Adventures - for couples, friends, or to enjoy one's own company

Posted on 12/02/2014

Are you looking for inspiration for the Valentine’s weekend or, inversely, seeking some outdoors adventures to get away from soppy couples?
Exploring the great outdoors is both a fantastic way to spend some quality time with your partner and also to spend peaceful time alone.  That's the beauty of the great outdoors!

We’ve come up with five ways you can spend Valentine's weekend. Our suggestions range from wild swimming to horse rides on the beach and will hopefully spark your imagination to do something different to the traditional ‘meal for two’ or your usual weekend loop.


shutterstock_86320513.jpgWalk and a picnic

It might be a cliché but it is still one of the most popular romantic activities. Perhaps to change things up you could go on a route you’ve never been on before? 

We recommend you use to find a walk near you, pack up your picnic and get exploring.  It’s best to take a blanket at this time of year, and perhaps replace the champagne with a flask of tea or even Baileys Hot Chocolate!

If the weather's bad you could always swap the picnic for lunch in a country pub and a pint in front of their open fire.


hear on beach_ shutterstock_111927596.jpgHorse Ride on the Beach

There is a certain thrill and exhilaration involved in riding a horse along the surf on a wild and open beach. This activity can provide some spectacular views of Britain’s coastline and will truly make you feel at one with nature.

See Countryfile's article on Five of the best horse riding beaches in the UK

Most riding centres near beaches organise hacks out to the coast and can cater for varying levels of ability.  If you have your own horses then please check the regulations before riding on the beach. There are also a number of riding groups, such as the Essex Bridleway Association that regularly go on beach trips for horse riders. EBA member Petra posts her routes on, including her Beach ride near Holme.



Cycling through woodland

We are fortunate in Britain to have forests all over the country, all of which have a story to tell.

Many forest visitor centres have bikes that can be hired out and they often have tandem bikes too!

The New Forest National Park has recently published some of their fantastic routes on ViewRanger.  Browse their profile page on my.viewranger.

Ingleton plunge pool.pngWild Swimming

This one is for the bravest and most adventurous of couples! What could be more romantic that slipping into the refreshing water of a secluded lake, with only you and your partner in sight. 

We admit February might not be the best month to try your hand at this activity, but it will certainly be one to remember!  If you've got a wetsuit...

If you fancy a dip in the wilderness Wild Swimming books have published a number of their recommended routes on, which you can see here.


shutterstock_55958353.jpgCity Walks

Perhaps you have always meant to visit ‘that museum’ or walk along ‘that canal’. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do it! 

If you are exploring the city, you could also aim to stop off at a pub along the way for a drink or a traditional pub lunch.

Edinburgh and London have some excellent pubs and CAMRA (campaign for real ale) have uploaded some of their favourite walks with nearby pubs onto which you can see here.


We hope these suggestions lead to you having an exciting Valentine’s Day, and that the weather is on our side. 

Remember that the best place to search for walking, cycling, riding and wild swimming routes near you is the the website.  Have a look. 

Alternatively, if you already have a route in mind, why not record it as a track when you go out, then convert it to a route on my.viewranger and publish it for others to enjoy? 

Share the ViewRanger love.  That'd be very Valentine-y!

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