New activities added to the ViewRanger route/track classification options

Posted on 28/01/2014

At the request of our users, we have expanded the range of activities available for route and track classification on ViewRanger.

So when you are recording a track or creating a route, remember you how have these extra categories for more accurate classification:

 Disabled.png Walking with wheels Trail Running.png Trail running  Endurance Riding.png Endurance riding
 Snowboarding Snowboarding.png  Adventure motorbiking Adventure Biking.png Dog-sledding (mushing) Dog Sledging.png
 Sledging.png Sledging  Quad Biking.png Quad biking Hot Air Ballooning.png Hot air ballooning


Routes have already been added using these new categories, for example...


 Petra Studhlome_copyright.jpgEndurance Riding.png Endurance Riding 

Endurance riding is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. It's based on controlled long-distance races (minimum distance 32km/20 miles), in which the winning horse is the first one to cross the finish line while stopping periodically to pass a veterinary check that deems the animal in good health and fit to continue.

Helen Bowyer has recorded some of the Endurance GB (the governing body for the sport of Endurance Riding in the UK) competition routes, such as Windsor EGB 2013 32K, Hardys 2013 30k EGB route, Rufus ride 2012 EGB 45k, Salisbury 31k 2011 EGB Route, and Cerne giant 2011 EGB 40k. Click on her name to view them.

And some good endurance training rides can be found on Petra Studholme's ViewRanger profile. (She's the one in the photo!)


Alps_crossing_paul_dobson_copyright.jpgHot Air Ballooning.pngHot Air Ballooning

One cannot have set hot air ballooning routes given that the balloon rides on the air currents of the day, but published routes are helpful routes suggestions for others.

TIP: If you're a hot air ballooner, the best thing to do is to favourite your ballooning colleagues, so the tracks they record appear in your activity feed on

Balloon pilot, Paul Dopson, recorded this track when flying over the Alps from Tannheim in Austria into Bavaria, in January 2014, and he sent us this photo, taken on the flight from 10,250ft!


mobility scooter.jpgDisabled.png Walking with Wheels

This new category identifies routes for the mobility-challenged, and the route descriptions give detailed access details.

Ideally, routes will include route categorisation, according to terrain and length. 
The Disabled Ramblers classify their routes in the following way: Cat. 1 - Suitable for manual wheelchairs, power chairs and scooters. Cat. 2 - bestsuited to scooters and some powerchairs, though a fit and determined manual wheelchair user maybe OK. Cat. 3 - more robust off-road scooters advised for safety.  Cat. 4 - Only for experienced, adventurous users of very powerful off-road scooters.

Check out Ian Clarkes routes in Lancashire designed specially for use by people who may have access / mobility difficulties.


Andrew_Rayner.pngAdventure Biking.png  Adventure Motorbiking

This new category is meant principially for off-road trail biking routes, but can also include long-distance touring routes.

Andrew Rayner is a keen biker with lots of off-road routes!



Emil Inauen.jpgDog Sledging.pngDog Sledging/ Mushing

Emil and Barbara Inauen, ViewRanger users, have over the past 10 years built-up a top competitive sleddog racing team and established it successfully in international long-distance racing. Team Swiss racing kennel is located in Grimsbu, Norway and consists of about 30 to 40 racing dogs.

View dog-sledding routes by Emil Inauen


Searching for routes in-app and

search for routes in app.jpegIt may come of some surprise that, when searching for routes by activity, both in-app and on my.viewranger, only a limited number of sports images appear on the search page.

Rather than depict the actual sports themselves, these images represent the following general categories:

On foot
Sub-categories: walking, hiking, running, trail running

On bike
Sub-categories: Road cycling, mountain biking

● Driving
Sub-categories: Driving, greenlaning/off-road driving, quad biking, adventure motorbiking

● Riding
Sub-categories: Horse riding, endurance riding

In/on water
Sub-categories: Kayaking-canoeing, sailing

Winter sports
Sub-categories: skiing, cross-country skiing, snow-mobiling, sledging, dog-sledging, snowboarding

In air
Sub-categories: flying, paramotoring, hangliding, hot air ballooning

Sub-categories: Climbing


Please note: The wheelchair logo will soon be added as a general category. It can currently be found under walking, but it will soon get a category of its own.


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