Five ways ViewRanger can improve your winter sports experience

Posted on 05/11/2013

Snow can transform even familiar surroundings so a good map for winter sports activities can enhance the fun. ViewRanger maps can be downloaded on to your smartphone in advance so you won’t need data roaming and the active GPS navigation works without a mobile signal.


So if you are ready to hit the slopes or slip on the snow shoes here is how ViewRanger can help.


1. Find the best snow

Conditions change daily if you need to try out a new run the free open ski mapping will show you how to get there.  Mapping is available for all the alpine regions such as Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland and other popular winter holiday locations such as USA and Canada.  Premium topographical mapping such as Swisstopo is also available to purchase through the app.


2. Try a new winter sport

As well as mapping, ViewRanger also hosts thousands of trail guides that can be downloaded for walking, cycling, downhill skiing, cross country skiing or snowboarding from more than 400 brands such as Switzerland Tourism.

3. Experiment with the ‘winter’ sports computer

Set up ViewRanger’s tracking facility and this will record your route in the background.  The integral sports computer gives distance covered, altitude, height lost and speed over sections of the route, all this is shown graphically on the handset.


You can even add geo-tagged photographs later.  Which is useful as you always think you will remember where you took them and never do!

4. Keep safe on the mountain


ViewRanger is used by outdoor enthusiasts and mountain rescue teams worldwide so it is robust enough to be trusted in the most grueling conditions.


By agreeing a particular café as a ‘point of interest’ you can share a meeting point with friends.


If you take the wrong turn in a white out, ViewRanger will tell you where you are and from this you can make the right decisions about the best way to reach safety.

5. Enjoy the après ski


VR winter graphic.jpg

It is always fun to compare routes and share adventures and with ViewRanger trip stories you can upload your favourite winter routes and add comments to other ViewRanger user’s experiences.  

Whatever your choice of winter sport let us know how it went and any functionality you would like to see next year from ViewRanger.  

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