Geology walk in Yorkshire: ViewRanger’s National Trust Walk of the Month

Posted on 04/09/2013

Brimham Rocks Sarah CharlesworthFor an exciting National Trust walk in Yorkshire, why not have a go at navigating the weird and wonderful rock formations of the Brimham Rocks with ViewRanger?


Set against the breathtaking moors of North Yorkshire, the National Trust site is a collection of unusual ‘balancing’ rock formations, formed through millions of years of erosion.


Many of the rocks have names like ‘the dancing bear’ and ‘the smartie tube’, and some are said to have associations with druids and the devil.


Idol Rock Penny MayesThe most famous formation in the area in the idol rock, which looks like it’s about to tip over at any moment!


If you feel like foraging, the area is well known for its bilberries, a type of blueberry that can be used to make bilberry pie, or just eaten raw.


Although the site used to be wooded, it is now covered with purple heather that blooms around this time of year.


Fell Beck Steve PartridgeCicerone’s Brimham Rocks walk is an easy route, suitable for those with children and 5.2 miles long. It is available free to download on or on your phone or tablet.


The walk talks you through the woods and over the streams of the Fell Beck valley, before looping round and finishing among the rocks themselves, where you can spend the rest of the day exploring.


This is the perfect walk to take advantage of ViewRanger’s new TripStories feature, which allows you to take pictures and link them to your route through a Flickr account.


There are also many other areas with fascinating geology in Yorkshire. Trek and Mountain Magazine’s Malham walk takes you across the areas famous limestone pavements, used as a setting for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1.


If you take any interesting pictures of the rocks, why not post it to our Facebook page or Twitter – we would love to take a look.

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