Ian Mcalister completes Hadrian's Wall Path with ViewRanger's Track My National Trail

Posted on 06/08/2013

Ians track on phone_caption.jpgIan Mcalister has hiked the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall path, using ViewRanger to track his route as part of our Track my National Trail challenge.


Ian used ViewRanger to test out the apps tracking and TripStory features, and in exchange ViewRanger provided Ian with Ordnance Survey mapping for the whole of Hadrian’s Wall Path, which he could download to his phone.


Ian says: “Hadrian’s Wall path is an 84 mile stretch of beautiful scenery and wildlife but it wasn’t a challenge I embarked on lightly. I had to go on a lot of training walks and prepare myself physically for the trail.


“It was pretty tough going some days. We were walking up to 21 miles a day, and at some points the weather conditions were horrendous, particularly when we were on some of the ‘wilder’ parts of the trail.


Ian on route 1.png“If anyone is thinking about doing something similar in the future I would advise them to plan ahead. Just by making sure you are physically able to do the walk and have the appropriate kit makes your trip an awful lot safer and more enjoyable.”


By tracking his route each day, Ian has a record of exactly where he went on his five day challenge.


“I hadn’t used ViewRanger before I started planning for my challenge, so I downloaded the app and had a play with some of the features on my training walks to make sure I was confident using it.


“When I hiked the National Trail, I had no problems with tracking my trail at all. I just had to open ViewRanger, press record and then leave the app to track from my pocket.


“I also really liked the sports computer function because as well as showing me how long and at what speed I was walking, it also told me how far I had come. This was a great motivational aid to get me through some of the tougher days!


“I was impressed that when I was tracking my route each day – for between six and eight hours using an iPhone – I had no problems with battery life at all.”


Now Ian has completed his hike he can share the track with his family and friends as a TripStory. ViewRanger’s TripStories show tracks on an interactive map, as well as any comments and likes from well-wishers.  


Ian complete.pngIan says “TripStories is a great feature for reflecting back on my journey. And I really like that my friends can see just how far I went!”


Ian’s hike on the Hadrian’s Wall is only the first component of his Triple Challenge, in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Association. Next on the itinerary is the 3 Peaks Challenge, followed by the Great North Run in September.


Ian concludes “I really enjoyed tracking my route with ViewRanger, and it was very helpful and interesting to use.”


Ian will be using ViewRanger to track his routes for the 3 Peaks Challenge, so look out for them in a future blog. If you want to support Ian’s Triple Challenge you can do so here

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