ViewRanger to work with Swiss Alpine Club, Bergverlag Rother, and others to set next benchmark in outdoors gps navigation

Posted on 24/10/2012

We're excited to let you know that ViewRanger is participating in a new European collaborative project known as DOSSy (Digital Outdoors and Safety System). The project aims to help facilitate enjoyment of mountain pursuits regardless of age by developing an app that includes intelligent navigation, location and context triggered safety features.

DOSSyLogo.jpgDOSSy is coordinated by the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and includes ourselves (ViewRanger), Curena, operators of an emergency call and service centre, Bergverlag Rother, one of the leading European publishers of guidebooks that cover all kind of alpine sports, the German Red Cross Herten, the Swiss Alpine Club, and the University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen.

Working with such a respected group of partners will help us ensure that ViewRanger evolves over the next two years to set a new benchmark for the next generation of outdoors navigation capabilities. Together, the Swiss Alpine Club, the German Red Cross Herten, and Bergverlag Rother have unrivalled experience of alpine mountain pursuits.

ViewRanger is already used by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide and by international Search and Rescue teams for navigation and location, and will be the software platform that DOSSy is built upon. Curena is an emergency call and service centre mainly aimed at the needs of elderly people. Bergverlag Rother produces high quality hiking guides that offer detailed information about recommended routes. The Swiss Alpine Club and German Red Cross Herten have unrivalled experience of mountain rescues and the requirements of the emergency services.

According to Peter Schenkel at the University of St. Gallen, and the DOSSy Project Coordinator, “DOSSy is an exciting project that brings together a wealth of experience and ground-breaking technology. Outdoor activities contribute significantly to the quality of life. When developed this app will enable the elderly and other vulnerable people to maintain their mobility and independence.”

Kevin Knowles, of the Kendal Mountain Rescue Team, has been using ViewRanger for operations over the last four years and believes mobile navigation has an important role in mountain safety.

“A typical scenario would be the call out last Sunday. I was out with the family when the pager went off I was asked to go direct to the RV point (rendezvous). While travelling I got the grid reference, I set this in ViewRanger as a POI (point of interest) and could look at the area around for access and then use ViewRanger to navigate from there to the RV point."

"Mobile navigation enhances and supports more traditional methods, particularly when you are working out of your own area. With ViewRanger I have all the maps I need already on the phone and use GPS for navigation."

Kevin sees one benefit of DOSSy as allowing the type of information currently only available via laptop in the control vehicle to be available to teams on the ground. “It would allow you to see the complete picture of the operation not just your little piece of the jigsaw as you can now,” he says.

DOSSy is part of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AALJP), a European Commission activity aimed at enhancing the quality of life of older people and stimulating commerce.


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