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Posted on 14/08/2012

Anna-Wales.jpgA growing number of users have been using ViewRanger to plot good riding routes for horse riding, hacking, and trekking, and then sharing their recorded gps tracks afterwards.  A challenge for many horse owners is finding good, safe, riding trails that are free from (or primarily away from) busy traffic roads.

Following feedback from horse riding users of ViewRanger, and to seperate them from other outdoor activities, we have split Equestrian activities into a route category all of their own.

Easier to Plan Horse Friendly Low Traffic Routes

ViewRanger comes with free access to OpenCycleMap mapping (which shows many bridleways) and the super Premium Mapping from a range of national mapping agencies including Ordnance Survey in Great Britain, IGN in France, etc show bridleways.

Making it even easier to plan good horse riding routes, the free to use route planning tools at the My.ViewRanger website will automatically follow bridleways when calculating routes.

Video showing automatic route calculation (here being used to plan a hike in the Lake District).

When you have planned a great equestrian trail, then you can Publish to share that with other horse riders.

Easier to Discover Horse Friendly GPS Trails

With a growing database of horse-friendly routes being contributed by ViewRanger users, we have made it simpler to search for equestrian trails by separating horse riding into its own category.


You'll see the horse icon on the route search web page at that allows you to filter the search results to show only horse friendly routes.

and you'll find the same search filter within the ViewRanger app too (Organizer > Routes > Search)


Freddie going to racecourse.jpg

(Riding on Freddie, in Cottenham, Cambridgeshire).


ViewRanger has grown in popularity with horse riders and Horse & Rider magazine described ViewRanger as "love this app and now I have it, I can't believe I lived without it. Since I started using it for hacking, I have not got lost even once. I'm now obsessed with tracking my route and not just to see where I left the car or which way the yard is, but because it also tells me how far I have gone, how long it took me and my average speed. I can plan routes in advance and it will remind me where to turn, just before I need to.  The maps are OS Landranger and OS Explorer and both show bridleways, but they don't require a mobile signal or the internet to work."

See the full article on Horse & Rider website here.

Anna Spain 2011.jpg

(Riding in Spain)

Example Equestrian Trail : North Norfolk

Example : A series of Day Treks in Guaja National Park, Latvia

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