Map out your summer with ViewRanger

Posted on 14/05/2012

With Global “web maps” plus detailed Premium mapping for a total of 18 countries, wherever you are planning to go this summer, we’ve got it covered. And because ViewRanger lets you store your maps for offline use, by planning ahead you can avoid any roaming charges and view your mapped location, even in remote places without a mobile signal.

flags.pngViewRanger Premium maps are sourced from national map agencies, they are available in-app or from our webshop. These maps provide the higher level of terrain detail needed for any Outdoors pursuit that you follow. So if you are planning:

Then you can purchase the map you need either by whole country, region, area or using custom tile selection. Once purchased and installed the map area is permanently stored on your device memory, ready for use (NB for USA & Canada - store & use on-demand, file too big to do otherwise!). Maps you purchase can be transferred to a new device, if you upgrade and for some countries you can view and use your purchased maps for route planning on our web service My.ViewRanger ( too.

onlinemaps.pngFor those countries for which we’ve not yet secured Premium maps, you can simply switch to one of a range of global “web maps” that we include completely free with all versions of our App. So if you are visiting a city - select OpenStreetMap, if you need terrain information the use “OpenCycleMap”, there’s even a night view map option with “OSM Midnight Commander”. 

Our web maps are streamed using a web connection (hence the name), so you’ll need a connection to initially view them, however using our “create saved map” feature, it easy to select the area and detail that you need and store and name it, so that it can be used offline (without connection) later. So with a little forward planning, you can always view your mapped GPS location. (click on the image to find out more)

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