Retina Display & "Open in" on new Apple 3.1.1 release

Posted on 09/05/2012

A new release of ViewRanger Open & Premium edition is now available for update via Apple app store.

magnification.pngThe new version 3.1.1 supports the high resolution “retina display” available on new Apple devices, this will give a sharper display of maps. However, as high resolution displays can result in map labels on some layers becoming small and difficult to read, we've also added a magnification feature. This allows you to set a greater magnification of the viewed map image that can be controlled via a new slider bar within map settings.

There are two magnification sliders. The one for online maps, under Organizer > Settings > Online maps, defaults to 200%, because the online maps have small labels.  As you zoom into an online map you see a new layer, whereas as you zoom into a premium map you see the same layer larger.

The slider for Premium maps, under Organizer > Settings > Map settings, defaults to 100%.  Premium maps look really sharp and crisp at retina size, but if you would prefer your labels to look larger, try a 150% magnification.


openingrab2.pngAdditionally, the new release supports the “Open in” email feature, which means any gpx files (.gpx) that you receive as an email attachment can be opened using ViewRanger by either

  • tapping the attachment, then tapping the "open in " button (top right - see screen grab)
  • or a single long press on the attachment file icon.

For those using gpx to share routes, this feature provides a quick and easy way to import gpx files into the app.

We are glad to say that this new version also fixes the TripView compass problem that some people experienced. For our US resident customers, the 3.1.1 version of ViewRanger USA edition will be released very shortly.

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