Searching for a good walk for this Easter

Posted on 30/03/2012

If you want to know what to do this Easter then ViewRanger has some recommendations for good walks.

Just enter the name of a place where you want to walk into and it will show a range of routes that others have enjoyed.

The guided routes give useful information about where to park, interesting things to see on the way and advice about the level of difficulty. 

Some of the routes have been developed by individuals, who want to share a favourite walk and others are from leading outdoor publishers such as The AA, Walkingworld, Natural England, Cumbria Tourism, CycleCity Guides and Nick Cotton Rides. 

There is usually a small charge for the publishers’ routes as they contain a lot of interesting information but for the Easter period it is possible to get up to four of these routes free of charge. You'll need to create an account and install the ViewRanger App on your phone. The good news is that you can now install the ViewRanger "Open" edition App for Free on Apple, Android and Symbian smartphones (search for ViewRanger on your app store).

So before you head out, select your preferred route via your computer and "synchronise" this to the App on your phone. We recommend that its a good idea to save the map area too, so everything is ready for use - whether there's a mobile signal or not on the trail.

On the trail, ViewRanger will show you your GPS mapped location and it has an additional feature to help you navigate the route, which means that you can be alerted if you go the wrong way.  The phone will buzz in your pocket and you can discretely lead your friends or family back on course.

Using ViewRanger might inspire you to capture and even publish your own walk.  This can be done while you are walking using the ‘track record’ facility in ViewRanger on your phone, which you can upload to view on the web at

Don’t forget to take photographs as you go and add these to your route.

Wherever you are this Easter have a great time.

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