On-Road / Off-Road Route Generation Speeds Trail Planning

Posted on 29/02/2012

Last night we released an update to the Route Planner available within our free-to-use My.ViewRanger.com website.

Automated GPS Trail Route Planning - On-Road and Off-Road

We have added automatic route generation to the trail planning tools available at our My.ViewRanger.com website. To access them, simply log-in at My.ViewRanger.com using your ViewRanger account details.

The site uses a range of routing engines to analyse the terrain, and available rights of way, to offer the best path between waypoints - on-road and off-road. Whether you are backpacking, mountain biking, horse riding - whatever your outdoor passion - it can speed your trail planning by a huge amount.

The new Route Generation tool provides the option to use the assistance of automated route planning to make it plotting routes even quicker. You can use Route Generation over any of the map layers - including Ordnance Survey, OSNI, Ordnance Survey Ireland, IGN France - available in your My.ViewRanger account. A single tap of the finger synchronises website and your mobile device so that the planned route is ready to use and follow with the ViewRanger app.

The tool should work pretty much worldwide. Whilst it may not always provide a route that you expect (and may in some circumstances not be able to provide a route in a certain area), you can mix auto-generated segments of a route with manually plotted segments, and you can drag waypoints to regenerate any route segments.

USA - Premium Route Generation using intelligent terrain analysis

Premium Route Generation upgrades our route generation tool to add Ground Guidance to the routing engine. This technology is currently only available with routing coverage for the USA mainland (and requires users to purchase a USA Premium Route Generation subscription to access this even more advanced routing technology).

Ground Guidance uses information about the ground cover, steepness of terrain, and other topological features to provide real off-road route generation including routing in mountainous and woodland terrain. Whilst it will route using existing trails, it is capable of analysing the landscape itself to determine viable routes. The Ground Guidance patented technology was originally developed under programs for the US military and is used in military scenarios. We hope to bring this technology to ViewRanger users in Europe during 2012.


We have also added an Undo button to the Route Planner - making it easy to step back if you make a mistake whilst plotting your route.

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