ViewRanger GPS for Android - App Updated

Posted on 29/11/2011

We have released the latest update of our ViewRanger Outdoors GPS app.  It is available through the AndroidMarket and from our website.

The latest version of ViewRanger for Android is v2.4.8

Route & Track Details view and graphs:

  • The Route Details and Track Details views have been improved - they contains multiple pages and graphs
  • Swipe across the screen to change page, tabs at the top indicate where you are.
  • For a Track, the pages available are the details page, height graph, speed graph and combined graph.
  • For a Route, the pages available are the route description, height graph, and a page per waypoint.
  • By default, pages are only shown for route waypoints that have description. Use the menu key option to show them all.

vr_android_routedetails_summary.png  vr_android_routedetails_height.png

vr_android_trackdetails_height.png  vr_android_trackdetails_speed.png

TripView Sports Computer:

  • The TripView has been improved to contain multiple pages and rolling graphs
  • Swipe across the screen to change from one page to another - so its easy to change whilst out running or on your bike
  • To add a page use menu key > Trip view layout > add trip profile
  • Each page can be individually configured with the stats you need - use menu key > Trip view layout > Set number of field to control how many boxes are shown, press and hold to change what the box contains.
  • Rolling graphs are now available, for speed, (calculated map) height, GPS height and distance.
  • Set the duration of the rolling graph using Settings > Display settings > Trip graph time window. The default 15 minutes means the graph in the trip view shows the last 15 minutes.

vr_android_tripview_currentinfo.png  vr_android_tripview_mixed.png  vr_android_tripview_tripinfo.png

Synchronize improvements:

  • Synchronize with your My.ViewRanger web account by going to Organizer and using menu key > Synchronize.
  • Synchronize makes it easy to store your tracks, access routes, and transfer tracks and routes between mobile devices (e.g. between an Android phone and an iPad).
  • Synchronize uploads Tracks, downloads Routes and updates map license keys
  • In Settings > Synchronize you can now enable the upload of Routes and the download of Tracks, as part of the sync.
  • You can also enable the synchronization of selected app settings.
  • Routes and tracks show a sync symbol alongside in the Organizer if they have been changed since the last sync.
  • Routes and tracks which have been newly received by sync or download are indicated with a yellow and white star symbol.

View ViewRanger topographic map charts on your smartphone, on your tablet, and online.

Bug fixes:

  • There have been a number of bug fixes.
  • All crashes reported through Android Market have been fixed.

Android 1.5:

  • Android v1.5 is no longer supported, please update your phone's OS if you are affected by this


To update the app either use the Android Market, or use the phone's web browser to visit, tap on on the Android logo to download, then the downloaded file to install.

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