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Posted on 10/09/2011

Run.jpgCharity walks, cycle sportives, long distance running events, and many other kinds of events are leveraging ViewRanger to provide a range of services to enhance their events.  Route visualization, downloadable course maps, and live location-tracking are all available - for free - to event organizers.

Creating a Course Map

It is simple to use ViewRanger to create a map of the event course and to display this on an event website, event blog, or even in a Facebook site for the event.  Plus, this course map is available for any event participants to download directly to their Apple, Android, or Symbian smartphone.

1) Create a ViewRanger account

To set up a course map, simply create an account at our online community and publishing platform website.  You don't need to be an app user to create a publishing account.  You can add your event logo and some brief details about the event to your Profile Page.  Don't forget to include the dates of your event, and the website where interested participants can find out more information.

2) Use the Route Editor within the website to plot your course map.  If you have a GPX file available, then you can simply import that into the Editor.  You can place icons at key locations around the course - a great way to mark feeding stations or other key waypoints.

3) Give the Route a name and some useful information about your event and the course itself.

4) Click Publish


See: for an example from the Summit65 mountain bike festival, or for Cyclefit events.


Embedding a Course Map in Your Event Website

On each Route Page (the page in the website that shows your course map), there is a small piece of html code that you can simply copy and paste into the html of a page on your website.  This will embed a widget showing your course map directly into your webpage.  The same can be done for blogs and Facebook sites.  The map will look similar to the course map for the upcoming Great Barrow Challenge below:

BuddyBeacon for Live Event Tracking

More and more outdoor event organizers are using ViewRanger BuddyBeacon to offer a dynamic live-tracking service for their event.  Equipping your event marshalls - particularly lead cars and broom wagons with ViewRanger handsets is a simple and cheap way to track the overall progress of your event.

However, you'll probably find that more and more of your event participants are already ViewRanger users - so tell them that they can download your course map direct to their phone AND encourage them to use ViewRanger BuddyBeacon (and to provide you with those details) so that their progress can be included on the interactive tracking map.

Many events are now setting up big screen TV's or projector screens and displaying this interactive map.  We even hear of friends and family turning up at multiple places around a course to cheer their loved ones on - as they can follow the progress of the event through the interactive tracking map.

We've recently made some enhancements to the BuddyBeacon webpages (find them at that makes it easy to set up a full-screen auto-refreshing map that can be left to show live progress updates on a big screen.


Events that have or are using ViewRanger in this way includes The Summit 65 Chilterns Mountain Bike festival, Cyclefit events, Snowdon500, The Birketts Round Norfolk Relay event, The Great Barrow Challenge,

We'll be adding more into ViewRanger to make events such as these a more interactive and dynamic experience for organizers, participants and supporters.  If you are planning an event for 2012 - why not see if ViewRanger can add a new dimension?

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