ViewRanger for Android Beta - Trip View

Posted on 01/04/2011

A new beta release of ViewRanger for Android is available. It adds the new Trip View. You can configure the Trip View to show a number of different statistics, such as speed, distance, time, compass, and navigation.

The beta can be installed by using your Android phone's web browser to visit (Sorry, betas are not available through the Market, so if you use the Market version you need to wait for the end of the beta.)

It also addresses a frustration some users have had with the BuddyBeacon. Now, if you manually send a BuddyBeacon this will also send the historic data points if there are data points that haven't been sent yet. Historic data points are the BuddyBeacon messages that the device was unable to send at the time because you were temporarily out of mobile network coverage.

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