Beta release for of ViewRanger for Symbian

Posted on 20/02/2011

A beta release of ViewRanger for Symbian phones is available from, v2.8.11.

The wiki page contains a full list of changes, but the main changes are:

Full support for Symbian ^3 phones such as the N8, E7 and C7.

Pinch and stretch zooming on phones that support multi-touch.

Kinetic scrolling - flick the screen, it continues to pan.

Improved route editing. Waypoints have handles, so while moving the point you can see it and the map. Toggle between panning and adding points. While toggled to panning you can edit previous points.

Improved button layouts, including on screen sound controls.

Distance to/from start/end shown in routes. Distance to a waypoint along the route shown - how far is it to the lunch stop!

Location bar can be configured to show 3 statistics, including time, speed, distance to go, altitude, coordinates and so on.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email

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