New Updates For Android, iPhone, & Symbian / 1:25 000 BKG German Topo

Posted on 20/10/2010

This week sees the release of new software versions across all platforms for ViewRanger GPS with the release of Android V1.2.2, Symbian V2.8.9, and Apple IOS V1.2.1.

In the cases of Apple & Symbian, these releases are of significance primarily to our growing German resident customer base, with an improved German language interface on Symbian and the introduction of a new German language interface on apple IOS. The Apple version also includes a few minor bug fixes in relation to the application running on iPad.

For more information please see:
ViewRanger GPS now fully ready for German Outdoor Enthusiasts with addition of BKG 1:25,000 scale mapping

ViewRanger GPS: Die Nummer eins in UK startet heute in Deutschland

The Android release, as well as including an improved German language interface, also sees the introduction of some important core functionality that will be of benefit to all users of Android handsets. The highlights in the release include the addition of:

- BuddyBeacon watching
- Support for Retrieva Tracking GPS dog collars as BuddyBeacons
- the ability to download mapping by area as well as by tile
- the ability to create a route from a track
- the ability to follow a route in reverse.

We also have incorporated the new French coordinate system and finally we’ve fixed a few issues flagged to us by customer feedback, these include a prompt to record a new track when “record track” option is requested and automatic use of cached online map list, when not connected.

We hope that you are able to upgrade to these new software versions either through your app store update process or via our software download site. We look forward to your continued support and feedback on our products.

BKG 1:25 000 scale Topographic Maps

We've also fully released brand new 1:25 000 topographic maps for Germany. Available to download as 5km x 5km tiles over-the-air, through the MapChooser self-select mapping tool, or as pre-defined areas through our webshop.

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