ViewRanger GPS for iPhone Update

Posted on 11/06/2010

The latest update for ViewRanger GPS on the iPhone is now available in the Apple appstore.

BuddyBeacon Tracking:
* BuddyBeacon sending
* Including auto start, catch-up sending positions when mobile coverage lost, auto resume after call/message interruption.
* One-off and timed repeat sending.
* Use our BuddyBeacon API to embed your BuddyBeacon in your webpage, facebook profile, or create your own apps. (see:

Electronic Compass support:
* Display north indicator, or facing direction, or both.
* Auto-rotate map in multiples of 90 degrees to best match compass.

Audio/video support:
* In guided routes, waypoints and points-of-interest:
* Play sounds and videos from links.
* Supported video formats: 3GP / mov / mp4 / mpv
* Supported Audio Formats: mp3 / wav
* Download route guides with video from partners such as Carlisle Tourism Partnership
* Use our web-based route publishing tool to create your own route guides, with text, photo and video.

Fixes & Enhancements:
* GPS auto-resumes after call/message interruption.
* More in-app map and route purchase options.
* When creating a route, easily switch between panning map and dropping waypoints.
* When editing a route, tap on a different waypoint to move it without going in and out of editing mode.

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