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Posted on 07/03/2009, Imagine Publishing's new web site, has published reviews of ViewRanger, the Garmin Oregon 300, and the Magellan Triton 300 devices.

We're pleased to say that ViewRanger outscores both of the dedicated GPS units in almost every category of Performance, Design, Features, and Value.

ViewRanger : Performance 9, Design 8, Features 9, Value 9, Overall: 9
Garmin Oregon: Performance 7, Design 9, Features 8, Value 8, Overall: 7
Magellan Triton: Performance 7, Design 8, Features 5, Value 6, Overall: 6

Commenting on ViewRanger, says: "As you’d expect with a mature GPS application, all the usual features are here, along with a few extras that make the program unique. Using either an external Bluetooth or integrated internal GPS receiver, the application delivers quick and accurate positioning, highlighting both your location and direction of travel clearly on 1:25k or 1:50k OS maps."

"It’s the interactive features that really set ViewRanger apart from the competition, and the area where most of the new developments have been made."

In summing up says "Overall, the new features, along with worldwide GPS location in data format and an ever-expanding map, would make this an application of interest to any smartphone user; but as the sole S60-based application compatible with a high proportion of the most popular mobiles, it becomes almost essential for the outdoor user. And besides its serious uses, the interactive and shared features make ViewRanger fun at the same time."

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