ViewRanger on Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

Posted on 21/01/2009

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is Nokia's first touch-screen S60-based phone. It has been launched in a few countries already and is being released in the UK this Friday 23rd.

I've had a 5800 for a week now and have been really impressed - the screen is lovely, the interface works well and it has a built in GPS.

A beta version of ViewRanger for the 5800 is now available. If you have a 5800 and would like to try the beta please email your phone's IMEI number (dial *#06#) to support.

ViewRanger's interface has been updated to support the touch screen, but it still works just as well with a keyboard.

There are buttons for the most important features, such as zooming in and out. (The buttons are only shown on touch phones.) In the map the buttons are partly transparent. The map cursor can be moved anywhere on the screen, you can click on items to select and move them.

In the panorama you can press on features such as lakes, towns or hill tops to select them and see their name.

Here are some screen grabs. They are half normal size here, click on one to see it full size:

For more on the beta please visit the v2.7 page of the wiki.

PS For those with 2nd or 3rd edition phones we've also updated the 2.6 beta. Version 2.6 is nearing final release, but if you'd like to try it now please email support your phone model and IMEI number. (Yes, we still support and develop for 2nd edition phones!)

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