Mapping for Germany and Norway; custom maps for Ireland

Posted on 10/11/2008

Germany, Norway, Ireland

We've just added mapping for Germany and Norway to the range of ViewRanger maps.

You can buy maps for these countries in two ways - either by choosing you own map using the ViewRanger map chooser, or by downloading over-the-air.

Mapping for the Republic of Ireland has also been added to the map chooser. (Ireland mapping is also available over-the-air, and several pre-defined areas are available in the store, including a whole of Ireland map.)

To see the range of over-the-air tokens please visit the ViewRanger store. To download the map chooser please visit the map chooser page.

ViewRanger beta

We are about to start beta testing the next version of ViewRanger. If you would like to take part please email your phone's IMEI number (dial *#06# to obtain this) and your phone model name/number (e.g. N95) to support at

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