Ireland maps and new phones

Posted on 07/10/2008

Ireland Maps

Maps of Ireland for ViewRanger are now available to download from the store. You can choose from country specifc maps or a map of the whole of the Republic of Ireland.

The maps are detailed 1:50,000 scale. They come with height data, an overview map and a 2000 place name gazetteer.

The panorama only shows the shaded landscape - hill names, lakes and so on aren't marked. We will release panorama data later.

ViewRanger now has mapping for Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK. More countries are in the pipeline...

New phones - N96

ViewRanger runs on the new N series flagship phone, the N96. You need to use version 2.5 of the ViewRanger software.

The N96 has an internal 16GB and a memory card slot, and of course a GPS. The ViewRanger folder can be put on either the internal disk E: or the memory card F:. See the wiki for more or if you'd like to use both the disk and memory card to store your maps.

New phones - touch

Nokia recently announced the first of their touch screen phones - the 5800 XpressMusic.

ViewRanger runs on this phone. At the moment it runs in compatability mode, where part of the screen is used to draw the keypad (the phone doesn't have physical keys). We'll provide a full screen touch interface around the time the phone ships.

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